No More Crochet Braids!

For now at least (insert sly face emoji)


Such a diff tune than what I was singing before but winter is over so I want my hair to breathe. I want to feel the spring breeze through my scalp. I want to shed that  winter skin and face spring with open arms. I want to spring into ACTION!  Extra dramatic  I know but I was really crochet braided out! I kept those bad boys in for 2 months and 2 weeks! Folks don’t try this at home. #Yikes Even up to my last day rocking them I was still getting compliments! But two months and two weeks was too long. The pics below are from my last two weeks. Make up, Ruby woo lipstick and a statement necklace made my two month old crochet braids pop but that was no longer enough for me. I felt gross and hot.

I took out my crochet braids and my natural hair underneath had FLOURISHED! I mean it was so full and thick. Length wise, it was a little bit longer (nothing serious) but the width was bananas. I was totally pleased with the sight of it’s fullness and glory.


I went back to Noire Salon  for a wash, blow dry and trim. I previously stated here that Camille {Noire owner and hairstylist) said I need a trim every two months. The last time she trimmed my hair was January (two months ago see here) so she said I was due another one. I knew it was coming! I low key didn’t care UNTIL she kept cutting. I was thinking to myself “this is much more than a trim”  SIDE EYE.  As soon as I thought that and looked at chunks of my hair falling to the ground, Camille said “I’m evening your hair out to one length”. (My fro has been uneven since 2011 when a hairstylist gave me layers I didn’t request.) Once Camille said that and I looked in the mirror and saw that I  still had hair, I relaxed. Though, I was surprised she didn’t ask me before proceeding to even it out. In January, she asked first if I wanted her to cut my hair to one length. During that visit, I declined and told her to trim it in the shape that it was already in because I wanted the front layers to grow out first before cutting the back to that  front length. This time around,I didn’t mind her cutting it to one length because I think the front grew out enough. I still have heat damage from my brother’s wedding.  The hairstylist FRIED my hair, story here. Camille said iron pills and hair vitamins would help with that heat damage. You can see the heat damage in the pics above, especially in the left and right pics. The front of my hair is really straight and the texture doesn’t match the rest of my hair. The front of my hair has always had a looser curl but it loosened even more with the heat damage. Camille said the heat damaged part isn’t shedding which is good. She said we can gradually trim off the heat damage but I should invest in those vitamins and iron pills she recommended to me.

Above is my shrinkage post wash and the far right is in the midst of my blow out. Camille separated my hair into small sections with clips and she blow dried and trimmed each section.  I am not sure what heat protectant she used. I would need to ask. However, I know she uses KeraCare shampoo and conditioner but I don’t know which one. I’ll ask about all of that and update this post with the information.

That’s my Crown Braid that Camille did for me. It’s different than my Celie Twists but I  still like it! My sister-in-law said she likes my Celie Twists better. I think Celie Twists look better on me but I do like these Crown Braids and I even got a few compliments. I’ll see how long they last, especially after  Zumba. Camille recommended  that I twist my hair while it is wet/damp (in big twists) for Zumba. That way my hair can do what it wants to when I sweat (which is curl and shrink up) in that style but then I can do a twist out when it air dries. I’m gonna see how these braids hold up though. Overall, my second experience at Noire Salon was good. My shampoo wash was def better than the last time and the same shampoo girl did it for me so that is good. I am definitely seeing the benefits of Camille trimming my hair every two months. I  am so happy to see and touch my hair again. I think this summer, I want to do more protective styles using my own hair. We shall see. I do think it will be too hot for Crochet Braids.

Please let me know if you have any questions below. Also please feel free to check out my previous Crochet Braids post. I’ve been rocking Crochet Braids since the end of last September!

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How are you rocking your hair this spring? What are your  hair plans for the summer? 

Please share below and thank you for reading. Have a blessed weekend 🙂

~Amma Mama

3 thoughts on “No More Crochet Braids!

  1. Your hair grew all kinds of wild and wonderful under those crochet braids. Yes, I would have been a little hurt to have my hair cut all one length, but now you can move past growing out one section and on to another challenge/goal. The crown braid is just beautiful!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it!
      You’re so right! I’m happy to be at one length again! #Yay!
      Thank you, I love my crown braid but now it’s starting to get really fuzzy 😦
      I need to learn how to neatly cornrow my own hair.
      Have a good weekend! 🙂

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