My Crochet Braids Are Out!

My crochet braids were in for a whopping two months and one week! I just took them out yesterday and below was what it looked like post take out.

FullSizeRender(39)The take down was pretty easy. The night before {Wed evening}, my sis in law cut off the crochet braids. There were little bits of crochet braid that I had to carefully remove because they were so close to my cornrows {my real hair}. She didn’t want to cut too close and cute my real hair. There was so much new growth and naps, it was safer to use my fingers at this point and remove the remaining crochet braids. I was successful in doing so, see below. I was so happy about my edges. They haven’t been this full in years!cornrowsMy hair was so well greased and  blow-dried  before I installed my crochet braids. As a result, combing it was extremely easy. My hair was still really stretched even after two months. I also attribute that to the fact that I wasn’t going Zumba regularly and sweating profusely. #CaseofTheWinterBlues #Laziness #Cold


After I took out the cornrows, I went to my hair appointment at Noire Salon in Silver Spring, Maryland. I got a wash, blow dry and trim for $45.00. I thought that was pretty cheap especially since it takes time and patience to blow dry my hair. Camille Reed {the owner} really took her time to blow dry it without manhandling me. I like her a lot. The shampoo girl was not ready for my texture but she did her best. I didn’t care for her heavy hands though #YIKES. All in all, I was pleased with my hair, especially once Camille got hold of it. I’ll get too see how much was trimmed off when I take out the two cornrows Camille put in. I was not paying attention when she was doing it. (I trusted her and I knew she was only cutting my split ends.) I am taking the two cornrows out later today because I’m getting Crochet Braids again later today! Again?! I know, it looks like that will be my winter protective style until the end. I am ready for spring!!

Side note: As I type this it’s Friday 12:29 am but I’m gonna actually publish this post later on today

Anywho,I’ll upload my post trim pics as well as a post on my third Crochet Braids installation.

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How are you rocking your hair this winter? What products are you using? Please share below.

Thanks for reading 🙂



~Amma Mama

14 thoughts on “My Crochet Braids Are Out!

  1. Your hair is giving me liiiiife! i took out my corn rows yesterday and was happy as a new born lamb, coz it has grown an incy wincy bit and seems thicker…but then I see this pic and now i feel rather impotent, yes I feel like I have a ‘you know what’ and i’m impotent, haha! I’ve been away from the blogging world for a minute and its good to be back and see what you’ve been up to!

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