Crochet Braids Inspiration!


Today’s post is going to feature pictures the fabulous crochet braids of fellow bloggers and vloggers. Crochet braids are currently a popular hairstyle/protective style. My second set is almost  two months old. I get asked questions daily about my crochet braids. I am constantly getting compliments and handing out my stylist’s contact info to women. I find that many of them believe that crochet braids are high maintenance but I can honestly say that they’re not. This is coming straight from the mouth of a LAZY natural and unsavvy chick when it  comes to styling my hair. My advice if you’re considering crochet braids as your next hairstyle this year, JUST DO IT!!  New hair and new you! You never know until you try. Now time for some inspiration 🙂

Toni of My Natural SistasToni- My Natural Sistas

Click here to watch her video How to: Crochet Braid Hair Tutorial w/ Cuban Twist Weave

Carmen-My Natural SistasIndia-My Natural Sistas

This is her big sister India rocking the two crochet wigs that she made herself. Click here to watch India’s video How To Make Crochet Wigs: Natural Hair Protective Style.

Ijeoma-Klassy KinksIjeoma- Klassy Kinks

Ijeoma actually used the Fingercomber Hair instead of Marley hair. Click here to read her blog post My Crochet Braids with Fingercomber Hair.

Blogger-Melissa ChanelNatural hair & fashion blogger Melissa Chanel rocking a sexy Crochet Braids cut.

Nelly- @nelly2fineNelly- nelly2fine

I’ve been seeing Nelly’s collage everywhere! Click here to watch her video Crochet Braids with Invisible Part Mini-Tutorial.


Click here to watch Jouelzy’s Curly Crochet Braid Tutorial.

re-curledThis is my second set that is almost two months old come Jan 19th. My stylist re-curled just about every curl on Christmas Eve. This pic was taken on Christmas day. I like fresh curls as they were starting to get matted and looked messy before she re-curled them. However, I don’t like my curls to  look too tight. I like how they’ve fallen now.

My second setThis pic is from last Saturday. I’m sure they’ll be falling even more once I start Zumba again. I hope they don’t fall too much though. *Side Eye*

Below are my previous posts about my Crochet Braids:

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My Crochet Braids Pinterest Board

It’s been an interesting journey as I have been rocking Crochet Braids since late September. I was sooo frustrated and over my Celie Twists. But low key, I miss them now and summer. {It’s freezing.} I miss them so much that I posted this pic below as my Facebook and Instagram profile pic…lol #Withdrawsymptomsmuch?

I miss you Celie TwistsI just like hair pulled back sometimes but I want my Celie Twists to be fuller by this spring. This pic was taken some months after a serious trim. I want my twists looking like a full crown like Aevin Dugas below.

Aevin DugasI don’t know if my hair will ever be that long or thick but I love the fullness!!! #Beautiful

Anywho, that’s all I got for today.

Are you currently rocking Crochet Braids? Have you ever? Do you plan to?


Please share your  comments below. Also if you live in the DMV and want crochet braids, let me know if you want my stylist’s contact info. Her salon is located in Bowie, MD.


Thanks for reading and have a great day. Stay warm ❤

~Amma Mama

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