Crochet Braids Inspiration # 2

This week in Crochet Braids inspiration! Click here for last week’s inspiration.


Crochet braids done by Constance Esotu NYC {@_ethnicity} #CrochetedByCoco


Check out her video How to Recurl Crochet Braid

Down ToaT


Check out her video: Crochet Wig

Yep that’s a wig!


She describes how she achieved this look and what kind of hair she used here.



Check out her video How To Create Soft Waves with Crochet Braids. She used the Fingercomber Hair.

klassy kinks


 Crochet braids done by Hershun Troutman-ATL {@hollywoodmua29}

allthing bee

My Crochet Braids turned two months old on Monday {1/19/14}. The right pic is from this past Saturday {1/17/14}. Both pictures were taken a week apart. Oh what a difference a week and some Zumba can make! #FuZZyWuzzY

I will be taking them out next week and my stylist will re-do it. I am going to add a little color this time and use only pink perm rods. I’ll have a blog  post dedicated to my third installation. I am also going to do another Crochet Braids FAQ {Part Deux}. Leave any questions you have below in the comments. Also let me know if you want my stylist’s contact information. She owns a salon in Bowie, Maryland.

Below are my previous posts about my Crochet Braids:

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Thanks for reading and stay warm ❤

~Amma Mama

12 thoughts on “Crochet Braids Inspiration # 2

  1. Even after Zumba, you’re still making those crochet braids look great. Excited about your next install. Would like some details on how long you are waiting between installations and how you’re pampering your hair during that time. Also, do you have any ideas on how to make a crochet braid install look “smaller?” I sat one night and completed my first, and only so far, install and my husband went on and on about how it was too much hair. I tried to explain to him that’s how it’s supposed to look. My cousin, the stylist, also said the same thing. Is it the hair used? How much hair is used? Or maybe how you curl or style the hair?

    • Thank you Joan!! I have my third install in now {post coming soon} and I waited only a day after I took out my second install out. Between my 1st and 2nd install, I waited about 4 days. I usually wash and condition my hair before the next install. Before this third install, I got a trim too. The first time, I used 3 packs, second time 5 packs and this third time I have six packs in my hair. My hairstylist cuts a little off the ends when she takes the hair out the pack. Are you using all the hair straight out the pack? Cutting a little off might help. How many packs do you use? How do you curl the hair? I use perm rods but I don’t think how you curl it matters. I think it’s about cutting some of the hair off the ends, if that makes sense.

      • I don’t remember how many packs of hair I used, but I didn’t even get as far as curling and styling them and used them right out of the pack. Next time, I will try cutting some of the hair off the ends and doing some perm rod setting and see how that works out. Thanks!

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