Weekend Bliss <3

Happy Monday!

My weekend was quite lovely! It really felt like spring. Especially on Saturday, actually more like summer because it was so HOT!

Saturday ❤

siblings and momMe, my three brothers (Kwabena, Kwaku and Kofi) with my mom

My niece turned 6 and had a birthday party on Saturday! I am so glad my mom was here for that. She is visiting from Ghana for two months and she’ll even be here for Mother’s Day! Can’t wait!

Team Appiah <3This picture would be so much more nice if  my niece, the birthday girl was in it! She was gone at this point. #DontAskWhy..lol

Sunday ❤

Philomena KwaoI was walking through Annapolis mall on Sunday and stopped in my tracks when I saw this picture of plus-size model Philomena Kwao. I adore her, she is gorgeous.

SolangeArt by Chidinma DurekeI went to see the the amazing artist Chidinma Dureke speak at the Emerging Artists event this past Sunday at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in DC. I am so sad missed her speaking/presentation. That was the point of me going 😦 I did catch other parts of the event. Including some amazing live painting that the artist did with his bare hands  but I wish I saw Chi-chi’s presentation:-( Anywho, I did an Artist Files interview with her on my blog a year ago. Click here to read that interview and view more of her beautiful art. My favorite was that Solange painting above!!!


Guess who made an appearance this blissful weekend?

My Celie Twists! Don’t call it a come back!! Last time I rocked them I was complaining (see here) but this time I had nothing but love for them. My Crown Braids started to look terrible by the third day. I had to take them out and rock what I rock best, Celie Twists!!!!

How was your weekend? Are you enjoying the spring weather?

Lots of spring events this month and next month in the DMV. I’ll be sure to post them this week! Including the Broccoli City Festival which is this Saturday!

Have a blessed week 🙂

~Amma Mama

4 thoughts on “Weekend Bliss <3

  1. Beautiful family! Your Mom is just so cute! That model, Philomena Kwao, looks like Loretta Devine’s twin. I will have to take a look at more of her work.

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