Web Series Wed: Head Cases

Happy Web Series Wednesday! 🙂

Celebrity hair stylist and natural hair care expert Felicia Leatherwood solves the hair care problems of everyday clients and reconditions the crazy lives that have led to them. This season focuses on relationships to natural hair. –Head Cases Facebook

HEAD CASES | Ep 1 – Starting Over  

Felicia Leatherwood (@lovingyourhair), celebrity hair stylist and natural hair guru takes on the hair woes of Apryl, who’s tired of having her hair play second fiddle.


HEAD CASES | Ep 2 – Breaking Up

Felicia Leatherwood (@lovingyourhair) — celebrity hair stylist and natural hair guru — consults with Amanda, whose boyfriend is having issues with her transition to natural hair.


My Two Cents:

I love Felicia Leatherwood. I went to one of her natural hair care workshops in 2013 at the Philly Natural Hair Show. She is so knowledgeable and pleasant. I can tell she really enjoys what she does as a  hairstylist and she doesn’t take her job lightly. I also appreciate that she works together with popular You Tube natural hair vloggers  {some of my favorites too}. I know some natural hair stylists {well really just one in particular..lol} that disregards anything that natural hair vloggers on You Tube say regarding natural hair and natural hair care. She feels that they’re not licensed professionals so people shouldn’t listen to them. I understand what she is saying to a certain extent. However, some vloggers do their research in addition to sharing their natural hair journey. I’ve learned quite a few things from many of them. My hairstylist learned how to do my crochet braids watching a YouTube vlogger. Anywho, Felicia is sweet and so humble. I really adore her! Hopefully, as the success of the show rises, she can venture out to other cities because so far it looks like she’s staying in LA. Hopefully, she can come to MD one day for an episode and I can be one of her head cases..lol  #WishfulThinking

What do you think of episode 1 & 2? Please share in the comments below.

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