Naturalista Files: Teyonah Parris

Mad Men actress Teyonah Parris is gorgeous! I do not watch Mad Men, I will not fake the funk. My good friend is a huge fan of the show and she asked me to watch an episode with her one Sunday but I just couldn’t get with it. However, I CAN get with Teyonah’s natural crown!!!  She and her hair are beautiful!!! She is the definition of a naturalista and she wears her crown with such pride and class.

Check out her natural fabness below!


Maxim Magazine photo shoot Photographed by Nina Duncan



Aint nuttin like a good puff  ❤

Photo Credit: Jeff Vespas  Photo Source: Red Carpet Fashion Awards



She is rocking Celie twists! She looks like a Disney princess, beautiful <3!!!

Photo Credit: John Shearer Photo Source:


Her hair was done by natural hairstylist Adele Supreme! It’s shaped like a heart in the back, too cute !!!!

Photo source: Adele Supreme’s Instagram



Photo Credit: Allison Buck




Looking regal and majestic with her head held high! I love her confidence.


Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez  Photo Source: Zimbio

Hair done by celebrity natural hairstylist  Felicia Leatherwood.

I a went to Felicia’s “Loving your hair with natural care” workshop last April at the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show. She gave excellent health {because our health affects our hair) and hair advice. I will make a future post with all my workshop notes  🙂  Felicia Leatherwood is so sweet & humble and I really enjoyed her workshop.



Photo Source:


I want to rock a head wrap one day!!

Photo Credit: David Lee/Nottingham Group

Photo Source:


Photo Credit: Albert E. Rodriguez  Photo Source: Zimbio


Photo Credit: Getty Images  Photo Source: Red Carpet Fashion Award


Photo Source:

I did not know how to deal with this little afro on my head. I called my best friend crying because I did not want to leave the house. She came over and literally sat me down and said, “Teyonah you are beautiful. Your hair is amazing.” She is really the main reason why I am natural to this day.

Read the rest of her hair story at 

I can totally relate to not wanting to leave the house with my small afro. Sad I know but #truestory #dontjudgeme …lol

Thanks for reading and God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

15 thoughts on “Naturalista Files: Teyonah Parris

  1. Her hair is so beautiful! I can’t wait for my hair to get that big. And amen to not wanting to leave the house at times. When I first had my hair cut and had that little afro, I actually called in sick to work today because I was that stung what I had just done. I needed the day off to hide lol

    • Lol at “I needed the day off to hide.”
      Thank you for reading & sharing your experience.
      I would’ve skipped class at the time but it was my last semester and I HAD to show up. I hid my twa under a beret until I could get some kinky twists done, my head was so hot 😦

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  5. OMG!!!! I waaaaaaaaaaant her hair sooooooo bad! Its gorgeous and so is she. True definition of Black Beauty. Check her out rockin’ her God-give Halo and Crown. I cannot wait for my hair to grow into a giant long a** ‘fro, oh cinema people watch out for me and my ‘fro in the (movie) house! Whatwhat!!! Yaaasssssss hun-ty!

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