Crochet Braids Inspiration # 3


Happy Friday! I am still in the crochet braids spirit kind So I am kicking off week # 3 of Crochet Braids Inspiration. I am starting with my fellow Ghanaian, one of my favorite You Tube vloggers, and my boo in my head Michelle! Also known as GhanaGoddess05 {her vlog channel} and MissCinnamonCake {her natural hair channel}. Below, she is rocking a crochet wig that she made. Click here to watch her share details on how she made it.


The hair whisperer herself and celebrity natural hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood is rocking some crochet braids below! She shares some details here.

flBeauty blogger Ogechi aka 2snapsandatwirl is rocking a crochet braid wig below. Click here to read her blog post for details. When I met her at Black Love DC {Part Deux}, she was rocking it and it’s even more beautiful up close. It looked very natural!


I love this very natural looking wig that Uwani Aliyu made. I thought it was her hair at first. Click here to watch her video tutorial. Click here to read the blog post.


Professional hairstylist Kyra pictured below rocking her crochet braids. That color is so cute on her.


Kiitana is rocking a crochet braid wig with bangs that she made and also sells here. Click here to watch the video on how she made it. She is beautiful and her wig is so big and bouncy!


Someone recently asked me if I wear crochet braids all year long. No but I’ve been rocking them since late Aug/early September. It is my winter protective style. My best yet. My natural hair is the healthiest and fullest its ever been during winter. See below. Left is last winter when I removed my winter protective style {braids}. Right is this past January after I removed my protective style {my second set of crochet braids}. The right is pre-trim but click here to see post trim.  I think they’re the best protective style for me. I can’t speak on the length of my hair because I feel like it’s been the same length forever but it has hasn’t been this full in awhile. It feels and looks stronger.


How are you protecting your hair this winter? Which above is your favorite Crochet Braids look? Please do share below!

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Have a great weekend and stay warm! ❤

~Amma Mama



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