58th Ghana Independence Day!!!

Happy Ghana Indepence Day to all my fellow Ghanaians. #TurnUP

Photo Credit: Studio Eveliz by Eveliz and Tony Prince Tomety

Photo Credit: Studio Eveliz by Eveliz and Tony Prince Tomety

This year’s independence celebration post will take a different approach from last year’s post which can be viewed here. Since I read a lot of blogs and watch even more YouTube videos, I decided to list my favorites blogs and YouTubers that are Ghanaian!  So I’ll start my  list below with bloggers.

Favorite Ghanaian Bloggers

Rambling Roomates

RamblingRoommates (formerly love.African!) is the former official blog of http://www.bandeka.com, run by Afua.  Now the blog has been changed to the personal ramblings of two roommates who have returned to Africa. For more information of Afua and Amma, read the introductions here.

The Only Way is Ghana

The only way is GhanaHello and Welcome to ‘The Only Way Is Ghana’. Join us on the journey of Lorissa Akua, a London born Ghanaian. As she works on migrating from London to Ghana, she will be working on starting a real-estate business and store in Ghana. Through this Blog and the YouTube web-series ‘The Only Way Is Ghana‘ she will be showing the highs and lows and providing advice and tips on migrating and doing business internationally…With a musical and DIY Twist!  Read more about her blog here.

As you can see, these lovely  ladies above are returnees.

Just Missed The Runway

Just missed the runwayJust Missed the Runway is platform in which I showcase my style & the style of others. I get my inspiration from Africa, magazines, and other fashion bloggers. I’m in love with Jesus, English bulldogs, skirts, my godson Amir, and heels.


prissyvilleI have always wanted an outlet to express my sense of style and love for fashion and I finally made it a reality. I look forward to this fashion journey and I’m so thankful to everyone who helped in the process! Prissyville allows me to document my passion for fashion and styling. My style is eclectic, focusing more on high-class styling rather than high-priced clothing.  I love experimenting and coming up with new looks. I love colorful clothing and mixing prints. As a proud Ghanaian, I have an undying love for clothing made with African print, as you will notice when you become a resident (subscriber) of PRISSYVILLE. 

Kente Kinks

Kente KinksThis will serve as a place where my expressions will be accommodated. If i don’t belong here for ‘free’ i’ll spice up my life and dump “kentekink.wordpress.com” for “kentekinks.com”.

Me Bo Life

mabelGet ready to enjoy the ride as you cruise along my thoughts, ideas, and experiences in this journey called LIFE! Mebolife (meh-bo-life) literally translates into “I’m living life”. Be prepared to enjoy the little, big, and in between ways I “bo life” from my small town in VA to the vibrancy of Ghana, West Africa and then back to the States again:) Let’s live life together.

This Afropolitan Life

thisafropolitanlifeI’m Clarissa, a Ghanaian-American woman who loves to reflect and write. This blog is for my daughters. A life-list for every Afropolitan woman. I’m an advocate for telling our stories, this blog is where I tell mine. Check out my ‘About Me‘ page for more.

Sherida Daily

Sherida DailySheridadaily (formerly Coconut & Cream) is a lifestyle-orientated blog with a focus on my art and personal style. This blog started in 2009 as a space to share musings, document my growth from teens to twenties and deposit inspiration I found around the web. Today, Sheridadaily is a stew of all my interests and for the most part, it hasn’t shifted too far away from its original purpose. It has always remained in my deepest interests to be able to converse with like-minded people through this blog, so I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I love updating it.

The Evolution of a Queen

teoaqDenise G. Osei (pronounced: Oh-Say)

21 years of age
a taurus woman
from the goldcoast of Ghana
a senior, Communications major at Bowie State University
freelance mua and hairstylist
I dance as well.
(check out my dance team, @_delafrique on IG)
feel free to ask any question that inhabits your mind.

Favorite YouTubers

Fusions of Cultures

Lizliz Live

Akushika Gonenatural

Ghana Goddess 05{vlog channel} & Miss Cinnamon Cake{natural hair channel}

Abigail Kwakye

Nana & Obie

Abena Love

Shirley B. Eniang

Favorite Web Series

An African City

An African City

Favorite Podcasts

Mpwr Show

mpwrThe Africanist

the africanist

Favorite Photographers

Nana Kofi  Acquah

nkaTJ Letsa

Allen Coleman

Allen Coleman Ofoe Amegavie

 Ofoe Amegavie Lloyd Fosterlloyd foster

Lightville Photography


Favorite Designers and Clothing Lines


PISTISChristie Brown

ChristieBrownFringeNecklaceAya Morrison

Ajepomaa Mensah

Ajepomah MensahOhemaa Ohene

ohema oheneYevu Clothing

Bernan Clothing

Dpiper Twins

dpiper twinsAAKS

Favorite Etsy Shops

Mawuvios Outreach Programmemawuvios

Rosabijoux Beads

Rosabijoux beadsAziza Shopping


 Favorite Facebook

I DO GHANA {I have to look at this page every time I log into my Facebook #Obsessed}

Photo Credit: Photography By Abii

Photo Credit: Photography By Abii

Favorite Artist

Truth Don Die

Welp that’s all folks! I don’t know every single Ghanaian blogger, vlogger, designer, clothing line, photographer and so on. However, these are my favorites that I follow. Feel free to share some of your personal favorites in the comments section. Also check out my Independence Day post from last year here. Happy Independence Day!! Below are some celebration events taking place in the DMV this weekend and Ghana!


Just click on the links for more info

GH@58 : Equisite Ghana Independence Ball

Passport to GH (Ghana Independence Week Celebrations Closing Party)


Independence Day Graffiti Show

Have a great weekend!

~Amma Mama

14 thoughts on “58th Ghana Independence Day!!!

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful websites. Such beautiful people and vibrant colors. I now want a whole new wardrobe.

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  4. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing all these great blogs, vlogs and artists. I must check them out. Ghanaians have always showed me so much love, there’s just got to be some Asanti or something in my bloodline somewhere! Lol.

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