Crochet Braids FAQ {Part Deux}

Happy Monday!

Today’s post is part 2 of my previous Crochet Braids FAQ. Below are the questions I’ve been asked a lot lately and they’re not mentioned in the first Crochet Braids FAQ.

  1.  Can you swim with this hair?

You can but I think it will be a hot, tangled and matted mess afterwards.  This ain’t that kind of weave for swimming. Though, I haven’t tried it and surely don’t plan to.

2. Do you wash it?


3. Is it heavy?

No, I currently have six packs in and it doesn’t feel heavy. It feels like a lot of hair at times but not heavy. It’s bigger because my stylist didn’t  {per my request} blow dry it this time.

4. What did you do maintain the style for 2 months and keep it looking fresh?

This question was really pertaining to my last set {here} which I kept in for two months and a week. Re-curl it & sleep in pigtails to keep the hair from getting matted plus wear a hair net at night.

5. Did you re-curl it?      

 My stylist re-curled my last set for me about every 3-4  weeks. She re-curled it when it started to look too fuzzy and the curls were really dropping.

6. How do you sleep with it?

I sleep with pigtails in because the hair gets so easily matted together. Some people pineapple but I don’t.

7. Who does them and how much does she charge?

My stylist’s name is Darlynda. She charges $120 without the curls and $150 with the curls. Let me know if you need her info. She is located in Bowie, MD. I am proud to say that out of all the people I referred to her for Crochet Braids, eight of those ladies have went to her for their crochet braids!! 🙂

8. Is it high maintenance? I don’t like doing much with my hair. What do you do in the mornings?

I take one pigtail out and separate the curls because they’re clumped/matted together. I separate them so their not sticking together. I I fluff the hair up with the tips of fingers. If there are any raggedy pieces sticking out or up OR hanging too low. I cut them. I add some coconut oil in the Marley hair if it looks too ashy. I repeat the same process with the other pigtail.

Below is a timeline {in pictures} of my current crochet braids. Their currently four weeks old and the last pictures were taken this past Saturday!!





third week


I feel like the older this Marley hair gets, the bigger and more natural looking it gets. Everyone loves my hair and I get so many compliments. My friends, co-workers and strangers really love this third installation. I recently went to a birthday dinner  and someone asked me if  I used  Heat Free Hair. I took that as a compliment because I LOVE  how Heat Free Hair looks and I really want to try it out 🙂

crochet braids memeThis meme is so funny to me. Some people seem disappointed when I tell them that this isn’t my hair. Others look disturbed, alarmed and confused. All at the same time!! Oh wells! I love Crochet Braids and I am so happy my natural hair is getting a well deserved break and flourishing underneath. #BestProtectiveStyleforME ❤

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Let me know if you have some additional questions that I didn’t answer in this post! Have a blessed week. Stay warm. Spring is a coming!! HAPPY March 🙂

~Amma Mama

3 thoughts on “Crochet Braids FAQ {Part Deux}

  1. That meme! 😂😂 So true! I’m so confused these days, I don’t bother trying to tell the difference. I went swimming once with crochet braids in. I detangled afterwards and it wasn’t so bad. Though I guess the way yours are styled, they may need to be re-curled.

  2. LOL at that meme! Gotta love it, but so true! And yes, any hair that needs to be curled, or doesn’t already come as a curled fiber should not be taken swimming. If you left it like it came out of the pack, it would be okay. 🙂

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