Tales of an Accessories Addict

Hello there! So lately, I have been wearing necklaces. Warm weather always brings out my cute necklaces. This spring hasn’t been too scorching hot so my neck isn’t sweating because of my necklaces. However, I’d still rock a cute necklace in the scorching heat..lol  Absolutely! My favorite necklace {all my necklaces are my “favorite”} is below on the left. But no really, out of all my ZARA necklaces {just three}, this is my favorite one. The colors are so rich and pretty! I feel like these beautiful Kenyan women below on the right.


Comparison or NAH? lol

Their necklaces are more extravagant. However, I thought my necklace’s colors were similar and even the arrangement of them. Do you see it or am I reaching?

Anywho, I adore this necklace and so far, I find that it goes perfectly with a gray shirt! And a coral skirt and black cardigan because that’s just how I rocked it yesterday…lol  No pics unfortunately but my coral skirt and the necklace were a hit at work. My co-workers loved the necklace but not the price. I think it was $29.90. All three of my necklaces from Zara were about $30.00. As a certified accessories addict, I’ont eeeem care how much I spend on a cute necklace!

It can be dressed up or down! I wore it with jeans, a t-shirt and denim button up shirt last Sat. I bought the necklace last year and it was so cute, I bought it for my good friend’s birthday {HI BECS!}. She loved it! You know I LUH you when I buy you a cute necklace..lol That’s REAL love, Amma Mama style! ❤

Moving along, this necklace pictured below, I bought two years ago from Urban Outfitters and I wore it for the first time on Sunday. I am also an accessories hoarder in addition to be an accessories addict. I buy accessories and don’t even wear them sometimes. Sometimes I forget about them because I have many stored away. Sometimes I forget where I stored them. #thestruggle

I felt very Boho-Chic. Whatever that means. I felt bohemian/Lisa Bonet-ish,/Solange-ish  {with my long braids}  and earthy. I wore it with this butterfly printed Kimono from Target, my new fav grey shirt{lol}, black skinnies and some  gladiator sandals. The necklace made the  simple outfit pop.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet

Solange is so cute! I can’t!

Anyways,  I was feeling like them above^^!

Now this is where the post gets sad! In my last Tales of an Accessories Addict post, I had a wishlist at the end. For today’s, wishlist  I wanted to add the ZARA tube necklace below. I was even going to make this wish of mines a REALITY!

Zara Tube necklace

Isn’t she pretty {the necklace}!?? Reminds me of the necklaces on Solange {especially} and Kelis pictured below.

I had already planned cute summer outfits {in my head} for this necklace. I even called my local ZARA to see if they had it. The thirst was beyond real! I was gonna order it and have it sent to the store but I figured I’d go to the store on Friday after work. So I saw it online on Tues, I planned to go the store on Fri, but it was sold out by Wed!!! The HORROR! I am still hurting. I can’t even type anymore..lol Hopefully, it will be restocked. It was $29.90 and right up my alley. Oh wells I am going to call Zara’s online customer service today to see if it will be restocked. #TalesofAnAccessoriesAddict #Idontwanthelp  #Ijustneedthatnecklace

Thanks for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

20 thoughts on “Tales of an Accessories Addict

  1. I am SOOO an accessory addict. I love unique necklaces and will pay the price for one that stands out like I like it. I’m going to have to look into this store that you mention. So if I’m broke within the next 24 hours, it’ll be all your fault lol I’m definitely an AJ (accessory junkie)

    • Yay I’m not alone when it comes to paying the price…lol You make me feel better Rae! Accessory Junkies UNITE ❤
      Please try not to do too much damage though..lol

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  3. Really great references of images. And nope you are not overeaching with the Kenyan necklaces,I bet the Zara design team had that same pic on their Mood Board when they designed that necklace. And Lisa Bonet tsigh, she was and still is such a unique effortless beauty. You always wear cute T’s, like the grey print one you wear with the Afro!

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