“First” Series


A modern day Love Jones documenting the milestones of dating as childhood friends, Robin and Charles fall in love one first at a time.

WATCH “FIRST” NOW!!!  http://bit.ly/1qEp7rU
Robin and Charles have known each other since middle school, but it’s not until their late 20s that they realize their feelings are more than platonic. Robin an aspiring novelist moves back to her hometown post graduate school. She’s instantly greeted by Charles who takes her on her first date since being home. The two share in a nostalgia for their 90’s childhood and see more than friendship in their future.

Genre :Web Series
Network : Issa Rae Youtube Channel
Starring: Jahmela Biggs & Will Catlett
Directed By: James Bland
Written By: Jahmela Biggs

Source: Facebook, YouTube

My Thoughts

I LOVE IT! I first heard about it from Amma { of Rambling Roomates} via her Facebook status. I am now HOOKED! Lol I read some reviews/comments comparing it to Love Jones {one of my FAVORITE movies by the way}. However, I would definitely compare it to Brown Sugar. Either way, I love it and I think it’s so adorable. It came just in time as I was missing my favorite web series An African City {season 1 is over}. I also have another web series I am into but it’s more so inspirational, I’ll post about that later. Anywho, below is a video of some teasers and the first four episodes. Episode 5 airs today! I  don’t know what time though but I am here for it!

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Instagram: @firstseriestv

Twitter: @firstseriestv


What do you think?  Would you compare it to Love Jones or Brown Sugar? Feel free to share in the comments section! Thank you for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama


4 thoughts on ““First” Series

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