Tales of An Accessories Addict: It’s Fall :-(

It’s Labor Day so that means summer is officially a wrap 😦  I can tell it’s fall by the type of necklaces I’m seeing at the stores too. I love summer necklaces because they’re full of color and life!!! I don’t really wear necklaces in the fall or winter. I usually wear cute scarves, especially in the fall. Anywho before I get into some cute necklaces I’ve seen out and about, I wanted to share my latest neck candy. I entered a giveaway that fellow blogger Biki at My Fashion S/ash Life was having on her blog. Her blog turned three years old {WHOOP WHOOP, CONGRATS to her!} and to commemorate this milestone, she was giving away a beautiful multicolored necklace. I thought the necklace was lovely so I entered the giveaway. One of the requirements for entering the giveaway was to comment in the comments section {of her anniversary post} telling her how I would style the necklace with other pieces in my wardrobe, I said the following:

I would rock this necklace with a cute white tee or white tank in order to make the colors pop and stand out.

Biki notified me via email that I won and she immediately mailed the necklace to me from Germany!!!! It came so fast and was even cuter in person. Below are some pics I snapped on Sunday of me wearing it before church 🙂

A BIG THANK YOU to Biki! I really enjoy reading her blog My Fashion S/ash Life and about her perspective on fashion. Thank you Thank you Thank you  :-)!!!!

So fall is just about here and I want a nice sexy necklace. I am seeing a lot of golds around in the store. A lot of necklaces with black. Gone are the vibrant summery colors!!! I always look on Aldo, Zara, and ASOS websites for new neck candy. Pictured below are some necklaces {from the mentioned sites above} that caught my eye.

This ASOS Triangles & Chain Bib Necklace caught my eye because it’s a sexy fringe necklace. I’ve been yearning for a cute fringe necklace. I haven’t been able to get one. I do like this necklace but I can’t help but to think that there is a cuter/sexier fringe necklace in this universe for me.

ASOS Triangles & Chain Bib Necklace

This Zara Fringe Necklace is the type of sexy I’m talking about but $69.90 is a bit much.

zara fringe

But then I saw Tia Mowry wearing it via her Instagram and $69.90 seemed to be worth it. *Side Eye* An accessories addict such as myself has MANY times changed her mind about an accessory after seeing another woman rock it {celebrity or not}. Sometimes I just need to see someone rock it first so I can know how to rock it with my own spin on it. #Inspiration I decided to go to Zara and see this $69.90 necklace in person. I must say if I was feeling it up close, I would’ve bought it. However, after seeing it and touching it. I didn’t think it was worth $69.90 at all. I am a fan of Zara’s necklaces and this one is lovely. I own three  Zara necklaces and I get so many compliments on them but $69.90 I could not do for this particular necklace. Tia looks sooo BEAUTIFUL though. She wears it so well ❤

Photos: Tia’s Instagram/ Meagan Prahl Instagram

Pictured below are some other necklaces on Zara’s website that I thought were cute.

 Necklace with Geometric Rhinestones-$49.90

 Necklace with Geometric RhinestonesThat’s a cute fall necklace, it’s very pretty.


Rhinestone necklace


rhinestoneRHINESTONE NECKLACE-$49.90


There are so many Rhinestone necklaces on Zara’s website. They’re all giving me First Lady Michelle Obama/holiday season/ Christmas time. Further confirmation that summer is over 😦


ALDO Necklaces



I need to see this necklace in person but it looks right up my alley. Kind of exotic/tribal looking.



This necklace has vintage feel to it and according to the site it was seen on Project Runway.



Something about this necklace I like but I need to see it up close.

Lots of rhinestones and gold all up in the post! I prefer summer necklaces but seasons do change and life goes on..lol I ordered this Enberg necklace below recently as an end of the summer gift to myself. I saw this necklace in person at ALDO Accessories {the store} back in May. I really liked it but I thought it was a bit much and too dramatic for me.


However, I saw Tee  {1/2 of Curlmates} on Instagram rocking it and she looked so good. She rocked it without doing too much. She put things in perspective and I had to get it…lol Hopefully I can wear it while it’s still warm/hot. Checkout Tee below and also checkout her YouTube channel Curlmates.

Photos:Tee’s Instagram

Look what necklace is back in stock at Zara. The tube necklace I wanted at the beginning of the summer! I’m over it now though.


And the award for the MOST worn necklace this summer goes to my Diamente and Cord Necklace from Zara. Originally $29.90 but during Zara’s big summer sale it went down to $3.99. Every single time I wear this necklace I get SO MANY compliments. I wear it a lot but each time I do, it gets so much attention as if I don’t wear it every week. People always think I got it from Ghana or somewhere in Africa. I didn’t think it looks African but every necklace I wear seems to be from Africa according to some people *side eye*. I don’t mind though. I like necklaces that appear African/exotic/ethinic even when they’re not. As you can see below, I wore it everywhere, To the New Edition Concert with my brother, African festivals , to work, to church and EVERY WEEK this summer! I wore it with the same outfits too..lol I sure did! Either one of my two printed pants and a white or black tank, or with my sexy coral skirt with two slits on the side {and white tank} OR with my fitted long black dress. It was ALWAYS one of those three outfits…lol 🙂

May I find a cute fall necklace that is just as good and faithful to me! #TalesofAnAccessoriesAddict

Thanks for reading!!! and HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!

~Amma Mama

10 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict: It’s Fall :-(

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  2. You know what, you have totally inspired me to get a rack of black and white vests! I already have a black one but its time to add to this! Love how you are rocking the Blog Giveaway necklace and regarding the Fall Necklaces, I am all about the black and gold Imperiale one- I love necklaces that I feel i could wear to battle and win the war, hahaha!

    • Yes add Biki and then throw on a cute statement necklace!..lol Yes that Imperiale is quite attractive. I need to see it in person. Thanks for always commenting and supporting. BIG THANK YOU {again} for my beautiful necklace 🙂

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  4. I love love love big and vibrant necklaces! But…not on me :/ I don’t think I look good in them. I mostly wear the little chain necklaces or pearls close to my neck. But loved your article!

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