Tales of An Accessories Addict: Insta Edition

Hey 🙂

I follow some beautiful and stylish ladies on Instagram. I can’t help but notice when one them rocks a cute necklace. I decided to post some of those lovely ladies and their fab necklaces for this week’s Tales of An Accessories Addict which should REALLY be called Tales of A Necklace Addict. I promise that one day, Ill talk about something else other than necklaces. However, I think you all like the necklace posts *giggles*. Let’s go!

P.S. Click on they’re Instagram names  {in blue} to be taken to their page!


Alex elle rocking lucky brandAlex Elle is rocking a cute necklace from Lucky Brand! I didn’t even know they sold necklaces. When I think of Lucky Brand, I strictly think of jeans but they have some really cute necklaces on their site here. Unfortunately, this necklace isn’t on there.

Alex Elle forever 21 necklaceSurprisingly this necklace Alex is rocking is from Forever 21! I didn’t see it on their website though. However, I did see some similar ones here and here. Alex is a jewelry maker {New Light Jewelry} and author of two books.


feeling moody zara necklaceSarita is rocking a beautiful necklace from Zara! It’s not on their website but there is one here on Ebay. It looks kinda shady to me but that could just be the picture *side eye*.  Sarita hand knits some beautiful scarves that can be purchased and/or viewed here.


shirleys h&m necklace

Blogger and YouTube vlogger Shirley is wearing a lovely H&M necklace! These silver coin/fringe necklaces are really in this season!! Similar necklaces here  and here from Forever 21.


Blogger Ty Alexander of  Gorgeous in Grey always has the cute necklaces.

Left necklace: H&M; Not on the site but similar necklace here

Right necklace: Nordstrom; Not on the website but similar necklace here  and here at H&M.


Left pic: I am rocking my Enberg necklace that I purchased at ALDO Accessories in Columbia Mall {MD}. It’s currently on sale here at ALDO’s website for $24.95. It’s also on Ebay for $19.99 here.

Top right pic: I am rocking my Frugal Finds NYC Vibrant Boho Collar Necklace I which is currently $24.99 here  on their website. I paid $18.99 at the time and shipping was free.

Bottom Right pic: Zara necklace purchased a little over  a year ago.

QUESTION: Do you like my Africa print skirt with the Frugal Finds necklace or Fanm Djanm necklace {pictured here under *CURRENTLY*}? I want to know for the next time I repeat this outfit…lol

I am currently loving longer necklaces. I typically wear bib style necklaces. This Missing Piece Tassle Rope Statement Necklace {pictured below on the left} at Nordstrom is so boho vintage chic. Whatever that means but it reminds me of Alex Elle’s Lucky Brand necklace {first pic above and Lisa Bonet}. I really like it and the price is great!! $19.97 (that is 60% off the original price) +Free Shipping!

Another week and another Dylanex necklace for singer Alicia Keys. In last week’s, I featured her wearing the Dylanex Tyson necklace. This week she is rocking the Marley necklace.

Last but not least, in last week’s post I talked about how an online boutique used two of my images to sell their jewelry. The boutique owner never asked for my permission, she only gave me credit for one of the pictures and I never bought any necklaces from this boutique. False advertising anyone? I emailed the owner and asked her to remove my pictures, she did. THANKS to everyone that gave me advice in last week’s post 🙂

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Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! #TGIF!

~Amma Mama


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