My Liberated People Trunk Show RECAP


lp collage

The Liberated People Trunk Show at Nubian Hueman Boutique was such a success. People really showed up and showed out to support this wonderful clothing line created by actor Gbennga Akinnabe. Click here to read the official recap post and view the professional pictures on the Nubian Hueman blog. There was a DJ, singer, live art, food and lots of shopping! There was a raffle giveaway and guess who won the live art! Me! Yep!!! I won the painting done by a fellow Ghanaian and an amazing artist named Kojo Owusu-Kusi aka TruthDonDie. I recently mentioned him in my Ghana Independence Day post (click here to see).  I am a big fan of his artwork.  At the event, people including Kojo AND my best friend all said that the young girl in the painting looked like me. I was flattered. Please excuse the blurry pic below, it was taken with somebody’s phone. I was so happy I won that I forgot to ask my BFF to snap a pic with my phone. I think her overbite, gap and nose favor me. Though, I’m not too sure about the eyes . What do you think?

Does the she look like me or NAH?

live art winnerFrom what I remember, Kojo said that the girl in the painting learned at a very young age that she had to fight. I interpreted that as: At a very young age society and media tell little black girls what they can be, what they should be, how they should wear their hair {I mean look at all that Blue Ivy hair drama and this ridiculous petition} and the list goes on. The message is sent to little black girls subliminally and blatantly very early on. As a result, the journey towards liberation can begin very early. That is my interpretation of this painting. Peep the initials LP  {Liberated People} on her clothing. So cute!!

 He’s so dope! Click here to see a snippet {via his Instagram} of him creating this lovely painting.


Special shout out to my girls Aaya, Becs and Chi-chi for coming!!

Me Becs and Chi-chi

Per pic 1, you can see that DJ TyTunez of Tag Soundz was cranking {Get it Becs & Chi-chi!!!}. I lost it when he played House Call by Shabba Ranks feat Maxi Priest. I didn’t really lose it {lol} but I love that song. I hadn’t heard it in so long. “This is the docta, Maxi Priest and Shabba” Aye!! #90sNostalgia *Body Roll*

Again, click here to read an in-depth overview of the event over at the Nubian Hueman Blog. This recap was my personal recap because I just wanted to post my cute iPhone pics. and share the excitement over the painting I won!!! #NoShame

I am rocking the Liberated People white Nations States tee and it can be purchased here. Check out Liberated People at their links below.






Nubian Hueman has some dope and FREE upcoming events. I will be posting on here and on the Nubian Hueman blog details about these events!!! Stay tuned because there is an amazing event next Saturday on April 11th. You don’t want to miss it if you live in the DMV. Trust me and it’s FREE!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day ❤

~Amma Mama



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