The Link Up! Wk 2

Happy Good Friday!

I can’t believe Easter is this weekend! Anywho, this is the second week of the link up, Friday will be the designated day. Since I follow a lot of blogs, I will post my favorite posts from the week. So let’s begin!


prissyvillePrint Rocker

It’s no secret {if you follow my blog} that I love me some Priscilla aka Prissyville. She hasn’t had a blog post in AGES!  But she’s back just in time for spring and looking quite fabulous! Head over to her blog for details on her cute outfit. I have that same cloth!! I made a skirt out of it for my b-day {see here}. We both  got the cloth from Eleganza Fashions in Langley Park {for all my DMV folks}. I had never even heard of this store until Prissy recommended it to me. I went there and this was the exact cloth I  In addition to a Kente print cloth. That cloth is popping ❤



This post {written by a fellow Amma} The Lost Files: On Being Considered a White Woman in Africa was very interesting. I feel like Ghanaians along with a lot of Africans have a skin complex. And just from my own personal experience in Ghana and in the US, some Ghanaians {not all SOME, keyword SOME} don’t understand that Ghanaians come in lighter shades {without bleaching}. I’ve encountered some Ghanaians that believe another Ghanaian cannot possibly be Ghanaian because they’re lighter. Anywho, this was a great read.

Simply Cyn

simply cyn


I love cute spring sneakers! Especially Keds # 3 above!

The Feisty House

melton-digital-quote2DREAM JOB Interview // Nicole Marie Melton of Melton Digital

Blogger Krystal of The Feisty House has a great series running on her blog called “Dream Job-Career Features“. She interviews different business women about how they got started with their dream job and etc. She interviewed Nicole Melton {pictured above} who I’m a fan of. Nicole used to write for and I really enjoyed her articles and interviews while she was worked there. Her recent interview with Krystal is so inspiring ❤

Respect Your Struggle

mbHow To Cope With Depression and Anxiety

Respect Your Struggle is much more than a t-shirt line. The  mission and message behind the t-shirt line is sincere. Blog posts like this one here prove that. I found this post to be very helpful.

I really enjoyed these blog posts this week. I’ll be back next Fri for the Link Up! Have a blessed and safe weekend 🙂

~Amma Mama


4 thoughts on “The Link Up! Wk 2

  1. These look really interesting, especially the one about the women telling their career stories, I’m always interested in learning how women landed their ‘dream roles’, to see how I can pour their sauce on my plate!

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