Crochet Braids: Third Time’s a Charm!


I got crochet braids for the third time about two weeks ago. My second set was in for 2 months and a week. To prepare for this installation, I had my hair washed, conditioned , blow-dried and trimmed. Deets on my trim here.

IMG_3369My stylist then cornrowed my hair. In all my previous crochet braids posts, I realized I never posted a pic of the cornrows. So below are pictures. She threaded the ends together in the back.

I used Zury Marley hair which curls very well. I purchased it from Beauty Care in New Carrollton. My stylist tested two other Marley hair brands and the curl was terrible so I had to go out TWICE for this hair. I went to so many beauty supply stores in Bowie.  My color 1b was not at the beauty supply store I bought it from last time. All the other local beauty supply stores didn’t even carry the Zury brand.


My stylist usually blow dries the Marley hair first and then curls it with the perm rods but I didn’t want to blow dry it first this time. I did for the back and then I told her to stop. I noticed the hair is much bigger and bouncier when NOT blow-dried first. The volume was and still is bananas. She did the invisible part/knot again. Click here to see pics of that from my last installation.

My stylist used the grey and white rods below. I saw this perm rod guide on Instagram. It’s super helpful!


I added some color {#33} this time and used 6 packs of hair {not including the color #33 which was just a little bit}. The pics above are me after my stylist finished! The pics below are one week later. Today I’m two weeks in the I don’t know if I will do two months again but I easily can. I do not like doing my hair or getting my hair done. Especially in the winter so we shall



Below is my hair yesterday {Sunday} at two weeks old. My curls are dropping and the Marley hair is fuzzy. I like when my curls drop like this. That’s my invisible part/knot.

Look at the temperature this morning below Left {Fahrenheit} Right {Celsius}. I heard  on the radio there could be up to 8 inches of snow later tonight. I am so ready for spring but at least my hair is protected from this cold and dry air!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want my stylist’s info. She is located in Bowie, Maryland! I’ve given her contact info to so many ladies. Six of those ladies have let her do their crochet braids {one lady even got them done on the day of her engagement photo shoot ❤ }  I will be posting a Crochet Braids FAQ #2  soon. Check out my previous Crochet Braids related posts below.

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Thank you for reading and have a blessed week 🙂

~Amma Mama


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