My First Fitness Video!!


Lol okay Maybe I exaggerated a little bit but check out the video below and then I’ll explain myself 🙂

Song: Bruk It Down by Mr. Vegas

You see me in the all black??? I made it…lol

I have been shaking my booty at Zumba since 2012. However, what you see above is not Zumba but Zukossa! What’s that you ask? What’s the difference? Click here to read all about Zukossa and its creators. I love it more than Zumba, just a little bit. Janet Awokoya used to teach it at my local gym on Sundays. She would mainly come on Sundays with her daughter Celeste and they would WORK us!!!  That’s them pictured below.

Janet and CelesteI LOVED when she and Celeste taught Zukossa at my local gym. They have so much energy and they make you SWEAT!!!! They play African music, hip hop, reggae and Spanish music. Their playlist is the business! Janet can whine ya’ll! She plays no games with the booty shaking. I stopped seeing her and Celeste at the gym. I later found out they had taken their Zukossa movement outside of my local gym to other locations. I had been meaning to attend one of their classes outside of my gym {since I missed them}. However, I got sidetracked up until this past Thursday when they substituted for my regular Zumba instructor. After Thursday’s class I was being nosy. Class ended but I saw Janet and some Zukossa ladies hanging around so I asked if there was another class  I didn’t want the booty shaking to}. Janet told me that there wasn’t another class but that instead they would be recording a video for a Shake Ebola Off Dance Challenge. Janet told me I was welcomed to stay so I did!!! I learned that routine right before we recorded and I had so much fun!! Janet & Celeste are having 90 minutes of Zukossa on Thanksgiving morning. So before I stuff my face, I’m gonna shake my booty and burn calories!! You can register for the Thanksgiving Zumba Jam with Zukossa Fitness here. I am excited for it 🙂

Below is another video of some Zukossa action. I am not in this one. I love this song!  The routine is sexy and cute! Plus these ladies know how to move! #YASSSSS

Song: Shake by Flavour

 Zukossa on Social Media





If you you live in the DMV or maybe just the DM because Virginia might be too far {lol}, Zukossa is DEFINITELY worth trying!!!!! Especially if you like dancing to African & reggae music. I love it ❤

I hope you can make it out to one of their events or classes. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

P.S. To learn more about the dance challenge and/or to donate to the cause, please visit

~Amma Mama

10 thoughts on “My First Fitness Video!!

  1. Oh snap amma! I see you! Haha so much fun. I’ve never heard of zukossa. I used to Zumba all the time and I miss it. Ever since my favorite studio moved I haven’t found anything NEARLY as good. I love music and dancing! Cleanses the soul !! And can’t believe you learned dance right b4. Laahhvvvv ittttt

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