Crochet Braids FAQ


crochet braidsSo this Wednesday will mark four weeks since I got my crochet braids. I decided to list below and answer the questions I have been asked since I have been rocking this style.

1. Does it look like a natural part up close?

           Yes. Everyone thinks it’s my hair and comments that it looks very natural.

       2. Is it obvious that hair has been added?

           No. Even when I tell people it’s not my hair, they still think that I have my real hair blended in there somewhere.

       3.  How did you do that?

            Click here and watch this video.

       4.  Who did it?

            My hairstylist who owns her own salon in Bowie, MD. Let me know if you want her contact information and I can give it to you.

        5. Did you cut the Marley Hair in half or just use it all directly from the pack?

             My hairstylist cut it in half just as TheChicNaturalista did in this tutorial.

        6. How are you liking it and how long will you keep it in?

 I like it! I definitely don’t miss my Celie Twists. I cringe when I think about them :-/ I like how the curls frame my face and I feel   more  feminine. I  do wish I could wear it straight some days. But this Marley hair out straight is not my cup of tea, the maintenance part. I will probably keep it in for 7 weeks. I am going on my 4th week. I usually keep my protective styles {i.e. extension  braids} in for 7 weeks.    

        7.  Have the curls dropped?

Yes they have because I do Zumba twice a week {all that jumping around and sweating}. However, I’ve only  re-curled them once. This picture below is from this past Saturday. In this picture, my crochet braids have not been curled in 2 weeks. I am going to have them re-curled today.


8. How many packets of Marley hair did you use?

About 3 packs.

9. How do you sleep at night? Do you tie it up?

I put a regular hair net on and no I do not tie it up. I stuff it in the hair net and go to bed.

10. Was the Marley hair brushed before putting it in?

No but it was pulled apart, stretched out and fluffed {a bit}.

11. Was anything put on the Marley hair before it was blow-dried?

No. However, be careful when blow-drying the Marley hair with high heat. It will burn if the heat is too high.

12. Why didn’t you just curl your own hair?

My hair would turn into an Afro after Zumba or a hot shower. I wouldn’t be able to maintain these kind of curls on my real hair {not for long atleast}.

Please comment below if you have any other questions or if you just want me to clarify anything written above.

Thanks for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

18 thoughts on “Crochet Braids FAQ

  1. Your crochet braids still look fabulous! Your stylist did a great job. It does look very natural. That Marley hair can do almost anything.

    • Lol at super,yep!
      Thank you. You should give it a whirl. I know what you mean by taking a break. Not only did I hate my previous everyday style {} but the daily manipulation was taking a toll on my hair’s health. Thanks for reading:-)

  2. They still look bomb! Haha yours inspired me to get some … I’m usually very picky about hair.. My little sis and I figured it’s a pretty hairstyle that literally takes not much of you time… So we did the cornrows …and started crocheting … And because I’m so ehhh about hair… I took them out after 2 rows… She hated me… But then the next day I wanted them again lol. She hates me

    • Thanks Elodie!! I am picky to so I understand. You should’ve let her finish though! I would’ve loved to see it on you!! She def hates you…lol Thanks for reading boo 🙂

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