Tales of An Accessories Addict: 1953 Online Boutique

Photo Credit: Joey Rosado

Photographer: Joey Rosado

Paola of the amazing online store Fanm Djanm said it best in her recent blog post {Click here to read} about Fola:

To me, if Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones had a baby, she would be that baby.

Fola {pictured above} is the beautiful creator of the online store 1953. An online boutique that will be launching soon. *Stay tuned* However, Fola has updates and amazing pictures of her handmade products on her Instagram.  Fola sells headwraps, hand-made clutches, bags and NECKLACES!!!!!!!!!! {My current obsession.} Sometimes I think my accessories posts should be titled “Tales of A Necklace Addict”.  Anywho, take a look below at Fola and her beautiful headwraps. I got these pictures from Yagazie Emezi who interviewed Fola about her brand 1953 here. Caution: Lots of STUNNING pics on Yagazie’s site. I chose some of my favorites below.

1953: How I Wear My Crown

Photographer for top two pictures: Kwesi Abbensetts / Photo Source: Yagazie Emezie

Photographer for bottom picture: Joey Rosado/ Photo Source: Yagazie Emezie

1953 Egba Orun Collection: Handmade Necklaces

1953 Handmade Bags & Clutches

Photographer: Dex R. Jones/Photo Source: Yagazie Emezie

Fola on Social Media

 Website: relaunch coming soon




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Speaking of Paola and her online store Fanm Djanm, I ‘ve be been rocking my Dzugudini necklace a lot. It is such a hit and the perfect statement necklace for fall. My ring is from Boho Gal. I ordered it two years ago {summer of 2012}. My Krobo bead bracelets are from Ghana but similar bracelets can be purchased here. I love this Ibolele necklace below from Fanm Djanm. The colors are so pretty.

The necklace reminds me of my Zulu necklace and Zara necklace combined like if they had a little baby necklace. I am really feeling the red and blue combo. Hence my new African print skirt pictured above. Red and blue are such cute color combos for fall. The red and green combo in the first pic {to the left} is also cute too.

New Tribal boho brass bib statement necklace gold collar lead nickel

In other addict news, I recently purchased this cute necklace from China via Ebay. I saw  one my fav Instagram naturalistas Maiya {aka Maichickbad on Instagram} rocking it. I asked her in the comments where she got it from and she told me Ebay.


I then went on Ebay and put in the search box, “tribal necklace” and wahla!!!!  There it was for $5.48 !! Oh you thought I wasn’t going to buy necklaces anymore huh?? I thought so so too but I couldn’t pass it up for $5.48!!! Free shipping too and no taxes! Lawwd I couldn’t say no. Only catch is that “Estimated Delivery”  which is Wed. Oct. 29 – Thu. Dec. 4. Yikes!! But I am in no rush to get it so I don’t mind waiting. I aint paying extra for jack! I am really AMAZED at how cheap some of the statement necklaces on Ebay are. I even saw one of my necklaces and necklaces that  I want listed on Ebay for very low prices. A post on that is soon to come!!! I am really into the Boho Tribal necklaces and I saw a plethora on Ebay!!!!! I can’t wait to share my finds in my next Tales of An Accessories Addict post. I love how both times Maiya rocks the necklace with a buttoned up collar shirt. Here is the Ebay listing for this necklace. My $5.48 one from Hong Kong is listed as second.

Stay tuned for more Tales of An Accessories Addicts posts and my Intervention/Internet Yard sale where I sale jewelry I don’t wear anymore or have never worn {this sale includes bracelets, earrings and necklaces}.  Click here for ALL Tales of An Accessories posts. Click here to view or follow my Tales of An Accessories Addict Pinterest board.
 Thanks for stopping by!!!!! Have a great weekend 🙂
~Amma Mama

8 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict: 1953 Online Boutique

  1. Wow, wow that Dzugudini necklace is just amazing- what a great conversation starter too! I’ve bee seeing the 1953 brand pop up quite a bit these days, I love the promotional images they use- it must be so much fun on set!

    • Thanks Biki! It sure is. People always think it’s from Ghana or somewhere else in Africa. I’m like nope! It’s from Northeast India! Boom!..lol Yes the promotional images are absolutely stunning and vibrant!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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