Tales of an Accessories Addict: For the Love of Fringes!

Happy June Ya’ll!

I am so into fringe necklaces right now. I am so happy I know the name of them too..lol A couple of weeks ago, I was watching my boo Laila’s YT video below and I just kept staring at her BEAUTIFUL necklace. The accessories addict within me was going to leave a comment asking her where she got it from but someone already beat me to it. Unfortunately, she said she stole it from her big sister. THE DEVASTATION!!! I was hurt. I wanted to find a similar necklace but I didn’t even know the name of this type of necklace. The accessories addict within me was slacking and didn’t even think to ask! Like DUH?!

LailaNow fast forward to this past Sunday. I am hanging with my gal pals at the National Harbor and we passed an accessories store called Charming  Charlie.  What caught my eye was a big picture of a woman {in the display window} rocking a BEAUTIFUL fringe necklace. I never heard of this store before but my friend Sheila said it was legit and so we went inside. I was hoping I could find the beautiful fringe necklace the woman in the picture was wearing. I didn’t see it but I found this beautiful necklace below!

It’s $22.00, click here to view it on the Charming Charlie website. It’s very beautiful, especially in person and around my neck!<3 lt’s a sexy necklace yes I called a necklace sexy. My gals said it was nice and insisted I buy it but I wasn’t sure if I should buy it because I just bought the necklace pictured below the day before {Sat}. I bought it from another accessories store called Lailah’s Boutique in Montgomery Mall near the Chick-Fil-A. The first pic to the left is me trying it on in the store. I texted that pic to my girls because sometimes an accessories addict needs confirmation before a purchase. The second pic to the right is me the very next day after church. I couldn’t wait to wear this necklace. The thirst was all kinds of real. I think this necklace makes up for that sold out ZARA necklace from my last Tales of Accessories Addict post.


Now back to that Beaded Fringle Necklace above from Charming Charlie. I left the store without buying it 😦 The next day at work I was thinking about it. I did some Googling and found some Charming Charlie stores closer to me. The one closest to my job had only one left and it was the one on display. Now every accessories addict knows not to get the display of any accessory. It’s always messed up somehow! ALWAYS and worn. So I called  3 other store locations including the one I visited on Sunday. They were sold out at all three locations. Now I went to the National Harbor on Sunday and they had a few of  the  beaded fringe necklaces but come Monday {the next day} when I called, they’re all sold out 😦 So I go to the store location closest to my job to check out the very last one and the one that was on display. That Monday morning I placed it on hold because I am crazy pressed  dedicated. The one on display was raggedy as I expected it to be. I mean the thread was coming undone and sticking out the beads. It was a messy situation. I ordered it online so hopefully it comes in one piece and neat/brand new. That way my heart and soul can be at peace.

Charming Charlie has some other fringe necklaces so check out their necklace section if your interested. However, I do think the one above that I ordered is the cutest one they have right now. Arden B. has a real cute Multicolored Beaded Fringe Necklace  pictured below.

Arden B.It’s even on sale {40% off at checkout} and if you go to RetailMeNot and enter Arden B. in the search box, the first result is a 10% off coupon. ABWELCOME is the discount code, just in case you were interested in purchasing this fab necklace. The “original price” was $39.00, then 40% off at checkout. PLUS with the additional 10% off promo code ABWELCOME, the total came up to $21.06!!! However, that doesn’t include shipping and sales tax.

TOPSHOP has a fringe necklace too, the  Turquoise Stone Chain Necklace pictured below.

top shop

Below is another cute necklace from Arden B.

Tiered Multicolored Beaded Necklace

49600186980_a1zmASOS Triangle Fringe Necklace


So the fringe is in and so are styles similar to it. I love it! I can’t wait to get my Charming Charlie Beaded Fringe Necklace. It’s scheduled to arrive next Tues! YippeY!

Don’t get me started on these beautiful fringe earrings from Charming Charlie. I actually saw them in person and they are so pretty!!

Choctaw Beaded Fringe Earrings

42315-ev1_1Checkout the fringe action on this Zulu woman from KwaZulu, South Africa.

Photo Credit: Bret Love

Photo Credit: Bret Love

Welp that’s all folks! Do you like fringe necklaces? Do you like any of the necklaces in this post? Let me know! I hope you’re having a fab summer thus far 🙂

~Amma Mama

6 thoughts on “Tales of an Accessories Addict: For the Love of Fringes!

  1. Never worn a fringe necklace, its one of those trends that I do admire but don’t really fit my style. I did have a pair of fringe earrings once upon a time though! I like the image of the lady in the midriff top with the dripping fringe, i.e the way the necklace sits on her midriff….

  2. Yes I love all of them!! The tiered multicolored beaded necklace from Arden B is my favorite. I will definitely be buying more statement necklaces this season. Where did you buy the necklaces you are wearing in this post.. I am imagining myself rocking them with a white tee.lol

    • Yes you should Prissy! They look so good on you, like the one from your accessories post. Just lovely!
      I bought that necklace from an accessories store in Montgomery Mall called Lailah’s Boutique near the Chick-Fil-A. My friend said the same thing, to rock it with a white tee..lol I have yet to do that but sure will. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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