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I decided to switch up my Tales of Accessories Addict series. I will focus more on accessories handmade by small businesses. I will still discuss what I bought at stores like Zara or Aldo Accessories. However, I am going to focus on those Etsy shops & online shops you may have not heard of. In the past, I have ordered LOTS of jewelry from Etsy and other online stores. I used to be really into earrings and bracelets! Especially wooden earrings and beaded bracelets. Now I am all about statement necklaces. However, I want to share on my blog those small business I have ordered from in the past. I also want to share small businesses I have not ordered from but I still admire their accessories and would order from them. At the end of  each Tales of Accessories Addict post, I will have a section entitled “Currently”. What I currently bought, what was currently gifted to me OR what I am currently rocking. It could be an old accessory that I have found a new love for and can’t stop wearing all of a sudden..lol So let’s begin.

New Light Jewelry by Alex Elle

I bought my first beaded bracelet from New Light Jewels in 2011. At the time, the store was called ‘Shop ALS’. I bought beaded bracelets and LOTS of unique wooden earrings. Alex Elle {founder, owner and creator} has recently changed the name of her line to  ‘New Light Jewelry’. Alex’s jewelry line has sky rocketed since my first purchase in 2011! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a recent interview of her discussing her jewelry line. However, below are two videos from 2012 & 2013 in which she discusses the line and how it began. Her story is inspiring and it’s great seeing today the progress she has made as a businesswoman and creator. She also shares some great advice in these videos!

 Create & Brand – Alex Smith


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New Light Jewels formerly known as SHOP ALS has only gotten better with time. The quality of the beads and craftsmanship get better and better. My favorite accessory happens to be Alex’s best seller! They’re the Mama earrings pictured below.

They’re available in 4″ and 2 “. Out of all my Africa earrings because I have quite a few, these are my FAVORITE! What pulls at my heart strings is the wiring.It’s so unique and well done. I just love them!!! I was rocking them {the 4”} this past summer, see below!New Light Jewelry Mama earrings

* New Light Jewelry Wishlist*

I absolutely love and want this New Light  Jewelry Chakra Band Ring. I love how she wrapped wire around the quartz. It is so beautiful ❤




I am currently loving my new Zara Fringe necklace. I know I talked a lot of  SMACK about it here. Smack about how it was overpriced and not worth it. Blah Blah…lol However, I’ve wanted a CUTE fringe necklace since summer and I was blessed with some extra money to splurge with. So I decided to treat myself right. *The Accessories Addict tries to explain herself*..lol The necklace can be purchased here.

Krobo beads gifted to me by sissy in law who just came back from Ghana. Similar beads can be purchased online at Mawuvios and RosabijouxBeads.

I got the colorful necklace from Laila Rowe  in Montgomery Mall {Bethesda,MD} across from the the Chick fil A. I bought it in the summer and I got the very last one. However, there are similar necklaces sold by an Etsy store called Hippie Things. The shop owner Sema Yasar is based in Istanbul, Turkey and her beautiful necklaces below look very similar to mines. I don’t even know what I typed in Etsy or Google in order to come across her shop but I am so glad I found it! I know I searched Google with a couple of phrases including “cotton threaded ethnic necklaces”. I just don’t remember what phrase brought me to her shop.

I love her necklaces!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you for stopping by 🙂

~Amma Mama

5 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict: New Light Jewelry

    • Hey Chi-chi! You should get them, they would look so cute on you. And yes I plan to. Your comment furthermore confirms what has been bubbling inside for me for years now. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. I adore those Mama ‘Africa’ earrings, I’ve never seen something like that before! Such a cool idea, I want theeeem! Definitely going to bookmark the designer. Great that you will be featuring more smaller businesses, and looking forward to reading more posts about them!x

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