Real Black Girl|Women of The Diaspora

Hello! Happy June!

I really enjoyed this discussion so I thought I’d share it on my blog. Let me know what you think in the comments. I can really relate to some of these ladies!



Have a great weekend!

Amma Mama

9 thoughts on “Real Black Girl|Women of The Diaspora

  1. Gee, living/growing up in America is soo complicated and the sad thing is, it’s been made like that by our own people aswell.

  2. I appreciate this video and can relate to a lot of their experiences. However, I feel a little bit hurt by it too. What’s missing is the gratefulness of being in the USA, as all I hear is annoyance and aggravation, which can REALLY complicate relations between “Americans” and “others/immigrants”. As a Nigerian who grew up poor in the US, but also realizing how poor my folks were within their own communities in Nigeria, I felt so happy to be in a free country where I truly could grow up to be as successful as I want to be- and I have become a success. As I look at those women in the video, I can assume that even with all their struggles, they are successful, strong women, fulfilling the dreams of their parents who made a conscious decision to immigrate here. As I reflect on the girls kidnapped by Boko Hiram, I am saddened to tears that these things still occur – things like this and war occurred in my parents generation. I am also humbled that God would bless me with an opportunity to grow without fear of physical terror. Again, I appreciate what the ladies shared as I also experienced the same pressures of growing up in the USA. However, I have no problem calling myself an American and also calling myself a Nigerian, because to do otherwise would be untrue.

    • Hey Maureen! Thanks for sharing such an insightful comment. I agree with your comment. I don’t mind being called African American one bit. I was born and raised in the US. I live here but both my parents are from Ghana. I am literally African American. The US like anywhere as it flaws but I appreciate and love it, even though I am rooting for Ghana in the World Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I watched this too. Interesting. I follow her for herbal recipes but honestly, I can only take her in dosages. While I appreciate the glorification and praise of the African being, I feel as though she loves division in humanity. Yes, African people are beautiful, but are we superior to every other race?!? hmm lol

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