Tales of An Accessories Addict: SALE Action!!!

Happy Black Friday!

Some of my necklaces I’ve posted about in Tales of An Accessories Addict are on sale. I’d thought I share which ones are on sale. I am frequently asked about these particular necklaces as in where did I purchase them. Sometimes people ain’t feeling the price I paid for them but I am crazy..lol

Just click on the blue links!!

So these are the necklaces I KNOW are currently on sale:

Fanm Djanm Dzugudini necklace On Sale $38.00

I paid $44.00 which some think is crazy but I don’t regret it. I get so many compliments on this necklace and everyone thinks I got it from Africa. However, it’s from Northeast India. It’s truly a statement piece and it’s my favorite necklace. It is also available in silver. Fanm Djanm has more cute necklaces here {not all are on sale though} and the sale is from today through Cyber Monday 12/1/14.

Aldo Enberg necklace On Sale– $15.00

I paid $30.00 AND shipping because I ordered it online off of impulse. I saw it in the spring but thought it was just too much for my life. But then I saw a girl I follow on Instagram rock it so effortlessly so then I bought it. Just because of her Instagram pic. Her flyness inspired me. I love it though even though you can hear it before you see me, it’s a lil noisy. #Imjustsaying #Itdependsonhowfastyouwalkingdoe …lol 🙂 Oh yea Aldo currently has FREE shipping!


This Frugal Finds NYC necklace was pretty cheap but it’s currently sold out. However Frugal Finds NYC is having a Frugal Friday sale now!! See the flyer above. Click here for the website.

Zara Fringe necklace On Sale $48.93

I paid about $70.00 but it was cool because Tia Mowry was rocking it..lol I actually liked it before I saw her wearing it but seeing her rock it sealed the deal. She gave me the courage to buy it. #Icantlie This necklace is beautiful and it’s really great quality. I just ordered it  today for my sissy in law’s b-day. She loves it every time I wear it .

Some honorable mentions, not necklaces but some great small that businesses I love and shop at.


{If you live in DMV , just come to the store tomorrow, if not you can always order online )



I love the Coconut Crème Raw Shea Butter. I use it from head to toe. Literally.

Happy shopping! Have a great weekend 🙂

~Amma Mama

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