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Happy Spring!

Spring has indeed sprung. I am totally feeling it and seeing it. I still have my press from my brother’s wedding. It is holding up pretty well even though I returned to Zumba and working out on the gym machines. After the wedding, I was rocking a high bun for a minute and staying away from the gym because I thought the sweat would ruin my press. I didn’t want to waste my $70.00. However, I wanted to keep my edges and be physically active so I started working out again. I also felt my press served it’s purpose and I thought it had a great run.. At first, I was rocking the high bun but my hair was starting to get thicker {from heat, humidity and life} so I started rocking a low bun {no pictures of that unfortunately}. As you can see below, my hair was getting thicker in the back with my high bun. It was getting harder to keep my hair in the back in tact because my hair was starting to shrink.

Usually when I rock a bun on my blow-dried natural hair, I use a lot of bobby pins and I need to wear a scarf because I have some humps in the back and at top of my hair {my thick roots}. Without a scarf, my bun looks weird. My BFF even confrmed this for me.. lol.

My hair in a bun on blow-dried hair.

My hair in a bun on blow-dried hair.

As a result of my press, I was able to rock a bun without a scarf and less bobby pins! However on the flip-side, because my hair was so straight, I couldn’t rock my signature Celie twists. After going to Zumba my roots got thicker and my Celie twists got plumper. I thought my Celie twists looked like they normally do but I realized they didn’t. The comments I was receiving made me aware of this difference in their usual appearance. I  kept getting asked if I relaxed or pressed my hair. After I looked at previous pictures of my  Celie twists, I realized how different my pressed Celie twists looked. Especially at my roots which are much  straighter now.  See the pictures below for reference starting from left to right.

Picture 1: Celie Twists on non blow-dried hair

Picture 2: Celie Twists on blow-dried hair

Picture 3. My Celie Twists right before my press. My hair was blow-dried but I sweated it out at the gym.

Picture 4 : My Celie Twists currently on pressed hair, I have sweated at the gym but it’s still maintaining.

ists on non blow-dried hair.

ists on non blow-dried hair.

I used to think I had to always blow-dry my hair first in order to do Celie twists but I actually don’t as you can see from the first picture above. However,  my roots did feel matted and dry when I took that picture. Side note: My natural haired co-worker came to work last week rocking Celie twists and she told me she was inspired by mine. I thought that was so sweet!! 🙂 She never blow-dries her hair so they were done on heat-less hair. Anywho, I do notice that  my current Celie twists are much shinier. My pressed natural hair maintains moisture way better than my un-pressed natural hair. In addition the air is much warmer and less drier than the harsh winter that just passed. All in all, I am enjoying my press and the ease of combing my hair. I definitely will not wait three years to press my hair again. However, I will not be doing it often because I do not want to heat train my natural hair. I am enjoying the sleeker straight look for the time being. I am looking to perhaps get cornrows  with extensions next. However, I really want some Senegalese twists or a big curly weave or a bob {with weave}. However, for now I am just going to rock this press until the wheels fall off !

How are you rocking your hair this spring? Any plans?

Please share with me in the comments below and thank you for reading 🙂


~Amma Mama

*UPDATE* EDIT*******

So Ibi of HeyNaturalBeauties gave me and my Celie Twists a shout out in her latest YouTube video  Super Simple Flat Twist-Demo! Aww thanks!!!! Your flat twist are gorgeous and they look like a crown 🙂

Below is the link to her tutorial and her blog!



26 thoughts on “The Pressed Life

  1. Funny cause once I put twisted my hair one day and said to myself “My hair looks like Amma Mama’s” Lol, but yeah hair is fly, and all the jewelry you’re rocking is cute! But my hair plans keep changing. Just put marley twist in my hair for maintenance. Still trying to grow some heat damaged hair out so I can cut it in August and rock a tapered fro! (kinda wanna go blonde too but thats just a dream)

    • Lol that is so funny and sweet 🙂 Thanks for the compliments! You are flyy! That is why I have been following you since your Tumblr days! When you deleted it, I just tracked you down on IG (lol please don’t be alarmed) to get some hair, style and nail inspiration {even though I SUCK at doing my own nails :-/ ) A tapered cut would look so good on you!! I cant wait to see that! 🙂

  2. I love your lipstick. You always look cute! Another lipstick to try is cinnamin crush and royal orchid from Fashion Fair. They have nice colors but unfortunatly their section is always empty, at least at Springfield Mall in VA.

    • Aww thank you!! 🙂
      I will check those out. This was my first time trying their lipstick. I’ve been using the same MAC Media lipstick forever but it’s too dark for spring. I am definitely open to trying more from Fashion Fair, thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  3. I love the Celie Twists, the style really suits you and looks tres chic! Well my hair is not growing Slash refuses to grow so my Spring Style options are incredibly limited. I have started asking my friends whose hair has grown well in the last 6 months, for their hair routine. My plan being to use some of the products listed and see what happens with me…

    • Why thank you! 🙂
      Perhaps Slash just needs a protective style/break. I notice that my hair flourishes when it’s in protective styles and I retain length.

      • You raise a good point and I have thought about this, i.e doing cornrows etc, but I dont want to put any pressure on my hairline, so I dont know what options that leaves me with…

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