Spring Happenings <3

Brookside Gardens!

I love spring and flowers! Spring is the perfect time to check out botanical gardens and nature trails. I am on a mission to visit all of the lovely gardens and nature trails that Maryland and especially DC have to offer. I have listed below gardens in DC and Maryland. Sometimes the national mall and cherry blossoms can be overcrowded, congested and full of tourists. Sometimes it’s nice to see other places that are a little  lowkey but still outdoor. I took my mom to Brookside Gardens last Sunday and we had a great time, it was crowded but not congested. It took us about an hour to walk around and see everything. It was a nice walk. Whenever my mom got tired, we would sit on the benches for a little rest. There are plenty of benches and some people were even sitting on their blankets in the grass (picnic style). I truly enjoy walking and it doesn’t hurt to pass by some beautiful flowers along the way. I think that beautiful flowers are the best part of spring!!! I think spring is the most beautiful season. It’s between spring and fall. I vote spring!!! The last time I went to Brookside Gardens was towards then end of  last fall and just about everything outside of the (indoor) botanical garden was dead and dry. Sunday was a nice treat and I was happy to see everything alive and FLOURISHING in all its spring GLORY!! ❤

Brookside Gardens!

I thought this tree was so pretty! Pic doesn't do it justice.

I thought this tree was so pretty! The pic doesn’t do it justice.

Georgi couldn't hang. I guess I'll understand when I'm old.

Georgi couldn’t hang. I guess I’ll understand when I’m old.

Look at the sun! <3!!!

Look at the sun! <3!!!

I LO<3E my mommy! :-)


Perhaps I should've written down the name of these flowers/plants!

Perhaps I should've written down the name of these flowers/plants!

Perhaps I should have written down the name of these beautiful flowers/plants!

photo 1(6)

On the trail

On the trail

I have to say really stupid things in order to get my mom to smile for pictures! 🙂


A trail!!

List of Parks and Gardens in DC

  1. Constitutional Gardens-Near the Reflecting Pool, between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, is Constitution Gardens. A small monument to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, this peaceful site offers a respite from sightseeing and a shady resting spot during the summer months.Open 24 hours a day year-round. Park rangers for the gardens may be found at the nearby Vietnam Memorial 9:30 am-11:30 pm daily except Christmas Day. Admission is free, though access may be restricted if a private group has reserved the space for an event.
  2. Dumbarton Oaks-Located in Georgetown, these 10 acres/4 hectares of gardens with English, Italian and French touches constitute one of the best-kept secrets in Washington. The 19th-century house is now a museum with premier collections of Byzantine and pre-Columbian art. March-May, September and October are very busy months when visitors should expect a wait. The museum is open daily except Monday 2-5 pm. Gardens open mid-March to late October daily except Monday 2-6 pm; early November to mid-March daily except Monday 2-5 pm. Closed Christmas Eve, federal holidays and during inclement weather. Admission to museum is free. Gardens US$8 adults, US$5 children ages 2-12 mid-March to October; free November to mid-March. Tours of the gardens are available at 2:10 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday; check the website for other types of tours available.
  3. Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens-Stroll past ponds and marshes bright with water flowers and a wide variety of lily pads. Keep an eye out for turtles and frogs as they pop out of the water. Birds, butterflies and other wildlife can be seen throughout the park. The park has a visitor center, small gift store and picnic facilities.
    Open daily 7 am-4 pm; closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s days. Free
  4. National Arboretum-Although it isn’t located very conveniently for tourists, the National Arboretum is a magical place to visit. Azaleas, rhododendrons, dogwoods and herbs are among the many plants gracing the 448 acres/181 hectares of gardens, collections and natural areas. A meadow in the center features stately Georgian columns that were once part of the U.S. Capitol. Visit the Asian Valley, which showcases plants from China, Japan and Korea; or the collections of conifers or perennials. Don’t miss the grove of state trees. You can visit the gardens on foot (there are several hiking trails), or by car or guided tram tour.
    Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed Christmas Day. Thirty-five-minute tram tours are available on
    weekends mid-April to mid-October for US$4.
  5. Rock Creek Park-One of the largest forested urban parks in the country, this wonderful expanse of greenery provides lots of recreational options for visitors and locals. The park stretches from the river into Maryland (a distance of more than 8 mi/13 km) with numerous biking, jogging and riding trails. Contains a golf course, tennis courts, nature center, amphitheater, horse barn and Art Barn gallery. The nature center serves as the visitors center, with additional facilities such as a planetarium. There are many isolated areas in the park, and it’s considered unsafe to venture into it alone or after dark. Recent construction has caused some road closures; be sure to call or check the website in advance for more information. Park open daily during daylight hours. Nature Center open Wednesday-Sunday 9 am-5 pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  6. U.S. Botanic Garden-This art-deco conservatory at the foot of the U.S. Capitol maintains about 26,000 plants, including tropical, subtropical and desert plants. Other highlights include the orchid display,cacti, medicinal plants, and rare and endangered plants. A charming diversion from all the city’s museums and monuments.
    Open daily 10 am-5 pm. Free.

Source: Travel 42

Below is a link to a list of gardens (by county) in Maryland.


Below is a link to a list of state parks (by county} in Maryland.


I NEED HELP! I am going to purchase a real professional camera. Any suggestions for a serious amateur photographer?  I want a really good camera to get my photography career on and popping! I want to perfect the craft and make this more than just a hobby. Please leave any suggestions in the comments below. Thank you and Happy Easter ❤

~Amma Mama

13 thoughts on “Spring Happenings <3

  1. Awwww, looks like you had a great time with your Ma and she looks so radiant! The flowers you photographed are indeed beautiful and very inspiring. It makes me want to buy more flower vases for more flowers and get floral print eeeverythiiIING!

  2. Thanks for giving me ideas. Sometimes when my mom comes to visit me from Brooklyn, I do not know where to take her besides shopping and going to the downtown DC area and walk to the MLK memorial. We always do things in the downtown DC area! We always have fun walking. Sometimes I get lazy and just stay local in Northern VA. You and your mom are lovely!

    • You’re welcome!
      There are so many fun things to do in the DMV, especially in the spring/ summer. I am going to make a seperate post about all the fun festivals and events happening this spring/summer. Thanks for the compliment:-)

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