An African City: Episode 9

In this episode, Sade, Zainab and Ngozi date members of parliament and get the shock of their lives, while Makena meets up with an old flame and finds herself practicing abstinence (albeit by default).

What are your thoughts about abstinence? Are you #TeamSade or #TeamNgozi? Why?

I am #TeamNgozi! I really liked Zainab and Nana Yaa’s hair, super cute!! I also really liked Nana Yaa’s necklace and skirt, adorbz. I really enjoyed the only eye candy I’ve seen all season that is Jeff Spain who played Stefon in this episode. I used to watch him and his then fiancee’s (now wife) reality show Almost Married on Centric. When I found out he was gonna be on Episode 9, I was thrilled ( please don’t judge the thirst ). l I would’ve loved to have seen him boo-ed up with Zainab, that would’ve been super cute. Anywho, this Sunday is the season finale, there are only ten episodes for season 1. I am looking forward to season 2 🙂

 Lots of BUZZ!

CNN interview with show's creator Nicole AmarteifioCNN interview with show’s creator Nicole Amarteifio here.

Photo Credit: ACCRA [dot] ALT

Photo Credit: ACCRA [dot] ALT

MaameYaa Boafo interview with Accra [dot] ALT here.

Photo Credit: C.Nisbett

Photo Credit: C.Nisbett

                                                                   MaameYaa interview by Capable People here.
Esos E. interviews with Afrofusion TV

Esos E. interviews with Afrofusion TV

Esosa E. interviews with Afrofusion TV here.

Glamour France, BET and Elle France features!



I am curious as to what the the season finale this Sunday will be about. I hope it will be longer than the usual episodes 🙂
finale teaser
An African City online:
An African City upcoming events:
An African City Brunch event
I read that the An African City will be representing at the NY African film festival but there weren’t much details on the exact date{s}. I’ll post it when I find out 🙂
~Amma Mama



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