My Current Situation

Hey everyone! So I am still rocking my braids and today marks four weeks of having them in. I normally don’t like to keep protective styles in longer than four weeks. However, I love these braids and I don’t miss my hair! It’s so cold and snowy in Maryland. I am enjoying this hair break. My hair is hibernating just like a bear does in the winter :-p Anywho, I discovered a new cute style for my braids courtesy of YouTube vlogger Chanel Boateng. See her video below. When I first got my braids, I had plans to rock so many cute styles. However, I am so content with my current style because it doesn’t snag my edges or put a lot of weight on top of my head.

So after watching this video I fell in love with Look 5: Twist Waterfall {4:28 mark}. As of lately, I have turned the twist into a cute side pompadour similar to Look 3:Elegant High Bun with Side Bangs {2:28 mark} except I leave the rest of my hair down.

So below is my rendition of Look 5: Twist Waterfall {4:28 mark}


I love it! I wish I knew how to do this back in my college days when I  got braids and couldn’t even leave them in for more than two weeks because I was BORED and I missed my hair. There are plenty of cute styles for braids! Just make sure you don’t strain your edges for cuteness cause yourself a headache because your big bun is too heavy. If the style is too tight, your edges will let you know. If  your bun is to heavy, your head & scalp will tell you. Just make sure you listen to them 🙂

Here is another video I enjoyed from one of my favorite college naturalistas Eyedah Dames.

I moisturize by spraying SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir on my hair and scalp before my hot showers. I want my hair to steam underneath my satin scarf, satin cap and two shower caps. Yes I am serious, all of The Elixir is ok, I feel like it does the best it can do and I must take into consideration that it is freezing and dry outside. I am sure I could use a better moisturizer but I really don’t like paying for hair products. I am from the school of use what you got until its finished. However, I did use this All-Over Butter {that I purchased from the Naptural Attraction event}  to grease my dry my scalp. Whatever my moisturizer of choice is, I always like to apply it on my hair and scalp right before my hot showers so it steams and seep in. For my edges I use Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil or EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Temple BalmI will try not to go past six weeks. The only complaint I have regarding my braids is that the ends are starting to look scraggly. I will probably dip them in some hot water to refresh them and give them a sleeker look. Other than that, I think these braids can stand two more weeks.

Look at yesterday morning’s FREEZING temperature. Now you can see why I don’t want my hair



This was today’s temperature this morning. Even colder #singledigits :-/ Spring where art thou?!?

My sister-in law wants to give me a cute weave with bangs next, we shall see. My weaves always look busted because I don’t know how to maintain them and keep them looking laid for the hair gods.

How is your hair currently this winter? Which styles do you like from the videos above? Which one of those styles have you tried? Feel free to share below.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

~Amma Mama

9 thoughts on “My Current Situation

  1. heyyy Maryland!
    Thank you for this post. I was just saying how I’ve been really basic with my Marley twist. literally just pulling them back with a headband. Now I’ve been inspired!

  2. I adore that style you’ve got going on – I’m always stuck for ideas when I have braids in, so these are great. This is gonna sound really weird, but, I do my protective styles over the summer rather than the winter. Strange right?? I find my hair to be much softer during colder months, than the warmer (where humidity basically kills my hair lol).


    • Thanks Sherida 🙂
      No that doesn’t sound weird at all. Sometimes that summer humidity and heat can be harsh too. I’d still take it any day over the winter cold though :-(…lol

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  4. i just read your feature on BGLH. lovely! i had to put my hair away after the ice storm last christmas. the cold weather didn’t encourage creative styles while I had it in marley twists.
    my hair is out now, but i rarely play with it, sigh!
    I like your half braid, half down style though.

  5. I feel the same way right now. I have braids, and I don’t miss my hair at all. I think I’m going to get them removed and put some new ones in because this weather is ruining everything! Ahhhh!

    • Lol I agree. I just took these out last Thurs, after 6 weeks and I already asked my sister-in law to put another set in! I’m over the cold & snow. I’m so ready for spring!!! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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