Artist Files:Monicka Hasan

Through the decades, prominent styles and artists have emerged making Black Art a unique category in the art world.  It sings it’s message not only in oil, pastel, and watercolor but other unexpected mediums.  One of those mediums is collage…which I fell in love with completely by accident. –Monicka Hasan


I went to an art show last Sunday that featured the artwork of Monicka Hasan. I had never heard of her and I had never seen any of her art. I found out about the art show via the The {DMV} Natural Beauties group on Her art is quite unique. I ADORE this collage above <3!!!

photo(1) 2

Monicka said that the hair on this woman above could get really BIG! She squeezed the hair closer together so it could fit in the frame. She said that all of her artwork depicts people that she knows. She was never on a mission to just create natural hair art. She was recreating her reality growing up in the 70s. Natural hair was all she knew and it was very common for the people in her life to have natural hair {art does imitate life}. She said it wasn’t until a couple of months ago when her father mentioned it, did she then realize that all of her artwork depicted men and women with their natural hair. That’s when she decided to reach out to the natural hair groups in order to showcase her artwork.

photo 5

I think this piece above was a print of one of her collages. She had original artwork {i.e. the first two pictures} and she had also prints of her work. She doesn’t have an art background and she never had any formal training {she’s been doing this now for eight years!}. Below is a bit of her story on how it all began, courtesy of her website. She also told this story at the art show.

Collage came to me years later when I was having a bad day at work.  You know, one of those days.  Frustrated, I reached a breaking point.  I threw my hands up and said I need…no I really need an outlet.  I went to a local paint store and bought some paper and a box of pastels (which always reminded me of “grown up crayons”).

When I got back to work, I opened the pack, and began to draw.  What I drew didn’t make sense and it was OK.  A light bulb went on; it was finally OK to not have a direction.  To let the paper and my “grown up crayons” do their work.  So I drew….Remember I said collage came to me completely by accident? Well….

I was drawing and I began to draw a woman.  A majestic woman, a phenomenal woman.  A Black woman who had all the qualities of the women I admired as a child.  She was amazing, except for one thing…I couldn’t get her hair right.

Sometimes in life, it takes our breaking point, breakdown and utter frustration in order to discover our individual purpose. Sometimes our lowest points {the very LAST straw} reveal to us our greatest strengths and special gifts. One must fall in order to RISE.  Can I get some *poetry snaps* ?? She is gifted and it is really amazing that all of her lovely art was the end result of a “bad day” at work. She’s her own boss now. She has her art and graphic design business. I find this all to be so inspiring and it reaffirms my belief that we as a people FLOURISH when we use our special gifts and walk in our purpose. We’re all here for a reason and to do something in life. There is only one Monicka Hasan, one Amma Mama and one you. It’s one thing to discover your purpose and passion. It’s another thing to pursue it and LIVE it. Monicka said something to that effect on Sunday and it truly resonated with me.

*Drops mic  and steps off pulpit*

You can view all of her artwork and learn more about her on her website.

More pictures below from Sunday’s art show.


Artist Monicka Hasan with one of  her art pieces.


Her artwork on cards.

Photo Source: Facebook



734425_589252551110956_2020640653_n 734425_589252561110955_834797772_n

I saw these pictures on her Facebook page and I had to repost them!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

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