“All Things Nigerian” Festival & Expo in Maryland, USA


The 1st edition of All Things Nigerian Festival and Expo is here and it’s taking place in Maryland, USA!

The shopping and lifestyle event will feature purely Made In Nigeria products with an aim to provide a platform for forward looking, dynamic, upwardly mobile, indigenous manufacturers of products with a global view to bring them to the United states market and the Diaspora.

The ATN Expo will showcase Nigerian culture with a Nigerian style barbecue, book signing with Ugo Agada-Uyah fashion, cuisine and literature alongside other products. It will also feature a 2 hour fashion show featuring some indigenous designer labels in the catwalk.

Watch Tessy Uyah, a small business owner talk about it.

Date: Monday 26th May 2014
Time: 10AM – 6PM
Venue: The Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, MD, USA

For details, visit www.allthingsnaija.com.

For participation, please send an e-mail to ATNExpo@gmail.com or info@allthingsnaija.com | Call +2348037004701 for local enquiries | Call +12678880641 for US enquiries

Source: Bella Naija

Sounds fun! I first heard about this event from an email notification I got from a Meetup.com group I am apart of called “Africans in the DMV“. Here is the link to the group’s page. If you click on “Join Us” on the homepage, you can signup to receive email notifications for upcoming  African events in the DMV.  You don’t have to necessarily meet up with the people in the group. You can just receive the email notifications in order to stay in the loop  and then go to the events with your friends. However, some events are in smaller venues { i.e. lounges} so you may have to mingle a bit. Either way it’s a great idea to sign up and stay updated. I actually like Meetup.com. I  get notifications regarding natural hair events too because I am in natural hair groups. You choose the groups based on your interests and there are so many groups to join on the site {i.e. photography groups, walking groups, book clubs, etc}. You put in your location and join as many groups in your area as you would like. I have been apart of the site since 2011!  I’ll continue to post upcoming spring/summer events in the DMV! Just check out my category “Events” on my site and then click on “Spring/Summer Events 2014”.

Thanks for reading and have a fun weekend!

~Amma Mama

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