Are You Comfortable Telling Your Age?

Today's clip art because through music I am able to relive the 90s . #ILOVETHE90s

Today’s clip art because through music I am able to relive the 90s . #ILOVETHE90s

Today’s post was inspired by my mommy who celebrated her 64th birthday yesterday! WHOOP WHOOP! #TurnUP!

For as long as I’ve known this sweet young lady {which is just about 27 years}, she has been open about sharing her age. I think that’s why I don’t care. Like mother like daughter. I remember an incident after church on one of my mom’s past birthdays. After service, I told a fellow church member it was my mom’s birthday. At the time she had just turned 50 something {I know that’s real} I remember telling this church member my mom’s exact age with such pride because she looked younger. He then responded {dramatically I might add} with something to the effect of “Don’t tell her age, you never tell a woman’s age!” My mom and I reassured him that she didn’t care but he looked at me like I had just committed the biggest offense. LOL My mom think she looks good and she has never cared about disclosing her age. She is aging like fine wine. Sometimes when I look through her older pics {in particular pictures from the 90s}, I think she looks older then as opposed to now. As a result of my mom’s openness, I also don’t mind telling my age. I snicker when some people say this to me “I hope you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” Lol Nope I don’t, go on right ahead! I have found that just like my mommy people always think I am younger than my actual age. I will be 27 on November 21st!! WHOOP WHOOP!

Georgi & II think that in this day and age women are much more comfortable disclosing their age than ever before. I feel like 40 is the new 20. There are women 40 and up that look hella good. They look good and they’re in better shape then women in their 20s. I feel as though some women become prouder each year they turn older. For some of these women, it’s like each year is a badge of honor. Growing up, I always thought {and still do} that 40 was an age of liberation and the age of truly not caring what people think! Anytime I think of 40, I picture Angela Bassett in the film “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. The age of rebirth! Not the cougarism though…lol #NoShadeToCougars


DISCLAIMER: I just want to say that I don’t think there is anything wrong with those who choose not to share their age.

Like I said before, I think women are becoming more and more comfortable with telling their age. I would imagine that seeing hot celebs that are over 40 helps! See some of my favs below!

(Left to Right} Rapper Nas just turned 41,Β  actress Gabrielle Union {41} , actress Taraji P. Henson just turned 44, actress Nia Long {40}, actress Jada Pinkett Smith is turning 43 on Thurs, and actor Idris Elba just turned 42!!! That’s four September babies right there!

Are you comfortable sharing your age? Why or why not?

Let’s converse in the comments section.

Thanks for reading & happy birthday to my mommy ❀

~Amma Mama

9 thoughts on “Are You Comfortable Telling Your Age?

  1. I’m almost adamant about saying my age because people assume I’m a lot younger than I am–especially when I wear my hair curly. I blame my mother who’s now 60, but looks like a 30 year old. I once forgot my wallet in the car (which was at the bottom of a very long hill at some mansion/estate) at a wedding with an open bar and they refused to serve me until I could prove I was over 21. My husband was in the wedding party and my wedding band didn’t seem to indicate that I was old enough for a glass of wine. I wasn’t about to trek the 8 miles in heels back to the car so had to pull my husband away from wedding party pics to tell the bar tender that (1) I wasn’t a teenager and (2) I was his wife, and I was 27 years old lol.

  2. I don’t mind telling people about my age, maybe it’s because i’m still quite young. People have started thinking i’m more ‘mature’ than I am recently, one person even thinking I was married with kids :o. So I had to tell him straight that I am not at that age yet. Maybe when I get older i’ll be more discrete who knows πŸ˜‰



  3. Really enjoyed reading this article! My Ma is 68 and like yours, is aging like the finest Palm Wine! I dont know when it happened, but now I am definitely not so willing to share my age. All my mates in LDN know how old I am as we all went to school together. But the peeps that entered my life in the last 3/4 yrs do not know coz I dont tell them, even when they ask. To some I just say, i’m in my 30s. Why do i keep it a secret? thats a long story. To make it short, its mainly coz of society. I dont give a flying F about my age, coz the truth of it is I am only going to get older. But from experience, I know when i say my age to someone more often than not they begin to calculate what i should have done by my age, and are only too happy to share that with me- oh you dont have a boyfriend, oh you are not married, no kids etc etc. And for ‘my age’ I still have a very bohemian attitude to some things that most Nigerian gals my age do not have. So to stop conversations going down that road, I just dont divulge my age. I know that not all people judge and not all peeps would give me -ish when i tell them my age, but for me life is too short to take that risk of finding out, so I keep schtum! Phew, The End, ha!! x

    • I don’t blame you Biki! Sometimes I don’t feel like hearing people’s criticism and judgements on aspects of my life. So I totally understand you wanting to keep things light and not divulge. Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience it’s always greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, your mom looks wonderful. Really fine wine. Claps claps! I also love sharing my age. It helps people to relax a little when they are still new acquaintances. I usually end up pulling out my ID to proved it and we all get a good laugh at how shocked everyone gets. Working on an age post for my birthday, coming up right after yours on the 29th πŸ™‚

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