Welcome to Prissyville!



 Welcome to Prissyville!

I have always wanted an outlet to express my sense of style and love for fashion and I finally made it a reality. I look forward to this fashion journey and I’m so thankful to everyone who helped in the process! Prissyville allows me to document my passion for fashion and styling. My style is eclectic, focusing more on high-class styling rather than high-priced clothing.  I love experimenting and coming up with new looks. I love colorful clothing and mixing prints. As a proud Ghanaian, I have an undying love for clothing made with African print, as you will notice when you become a resident (subscriber) of PRISSYVILLE

Once again, thank you very much for stopping by and please make sure you subscribe to get daily updates.
Please contact me at prissyville@gmail.com


The official launch of www.prissyville.com is Monday, May 5, 2014!





~Amma Mama

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