Web Series Wednesday: FIRST GEN Official Trailer

First Gen is a new family sitcom written by and starring comedian Yvonne Orji. It centers on the Main Character, Joanna- a first generation Nigerian-American- who trades in a stable career in medicine, for the uncertainties of stand up comedy, and the adventures that ensue when her traditional immigrant parents discover her plans. Visit http://www.firstgenshow.com…

Monday Memes 1/12/15

It beez like dat sometimes doe…lol Happy Monday!!! When it’s so cold as it was last week {I woke up one day and it was 11 degrees}, I don’t wanna do JACK!   Stay warm and have a great week 🙂

Monday Memes: For Ghanaians

Happy Monday! I never realized how annoying this whole scenario above was until this past weekend. It’s funny because on Saturday this is EXACTLY the conversation I had with two different people. And then on Sunday I randomly saw this meme on Ghana Goddess’s Instagram page. I just find this Etisen response annoying. If the…

Monday Memes 11/24/2014

Today’s meme comes a little late but better late than never! This meme accurately describes how I  felt last Sunday when I removed my crochet braids. I was expecting my hair to be much longer. *Side Eye* Have a great week 🙂 ~Amma Mama

Monday Memes 11/17/2014

Chile *Phaedra {RHOA} voice*, the first time I curled my own hair I was in the 6th grade. I burned off a piece of my hair AND the side of my face. This looks good compared to what I was looking like! #YIKES Happy Monday! Stay warm and dry. Have a wonderful week:-) ~Amma Mama

Monday Memes: 11/3/14

Happy Monday! Monday Memes are back because we all need some humor! I laughed at this one because this has been me since high school!..lol #TRUESTORY I haven’t done one since January.  Click here to view that one. Are you guilty of this? Lol Have a wonderful and blessed week. Stay warm 🙂 Amma Mama

LAID Edges

laid edges (noun)- The art of laying the hair on your forehead and hairline so flat, that it appears the gods themselves have painted it onto your face. ~  by Hallease This video is so funny to me!! I love Evelyn from the Internets because she absolutely cracks me up. I must say that I…