Ghana 2015| Vlog #1

Happy Monday!

I am so excited to post my first vlog from Ghana! It covers Day 1, Tuesday June 23, 2015. We arrived at my uncle’s house in Accra (the capital) that morning. I recommend watching it in HD if you can, 720p will suffice. My uncle William doesn’t live too far from the Kotoka International Airport. When we arrived, the electricity was off. The daily or weekly loss of power is common in Ghana but has become worse in recent years. It is known as “Dumsor Dumsor”. In this vlog, I give a semi tour of my uncle’s house, my mom explains why she doesn’t like Accra and why she wants to leave ASAP, we eat KFC (Ghana style), we go to the grocery store (a store called game in Accra Mall), we chat in the dark, I read in the dark, the power comes on and I chat some more!!!


Fun Fact: The hit web series An African City is filmed in Accra. They’re filming Season 2 now and were in filming while I was there. I didn’t see them though.


Below are some pics from Day 1. I didn’t take many pictures on this particular day. I took some selfies and pictures when we bought mangoes across the street. That’s it…lol

Click here to view some of my favorite pictures from this trip.

I’ll be posting a new vlog every Monday (Godwillingly) along with a blog recap. I vlogged everyday for 12 days! Feel free to leave any comments and or questions below.

Thank you for watching 🙂

Amma Mama

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