I’m Back from Ghana!

Happy July!

I am back from my vay k in Ghana and I feel wonderfully refreshed.

Latante Restaurant in Accra, Ghana

Latante Restaurant in Accra, Ghana

I had an amazing time with my family. The trip was too short and I didn’t even want to come back…lol This was my 5th time in Ghana and I decided to vlog my entire trip! Yes 12 days of vlogging, I did that! I’ve always wanted to vlog and especially vlog my trip to Ghana. I’m naturally drawn to anything having to do with Africa. I love watching people’s Africa vlogs on YouTube. I am always curious to see and hear the many experiences of those who travel back home to Africa. The continent is so vast and everyone’s experience varies. People debate so much about what Africa is and isn’t. What Africa has and doesn’t have. I thought it would be nice to share my personal experience returning to my second home. I remember in high school, a popular football player (a fellow first generation Ghanaian) went to Ghana the summer before. When the school year started, he told everyone about his summer trip to Ghana. I remember one of my friends who was a cheerleader came back and told me what she “heard” about Ghana from this football player. She said he had shared with her at lunch (along with some other football players and cheerleaders) that he used a newspaper to wipe himself and he went to the bathroom outside. She asked me if this was true of Ghana. I told her it may be true for him but I had never used a newspaper while over there. I also told her that I had access to toilet paper and a bathroom. She wasn’t convinced. This is just one of the many bizarre questions people have asked me about Ghana throughout my life. I’ve been asked if I’ve seen lions walk down the street. I was asked that in college in 2005 (not elementary school). I’ve come to realize that some people genuinely want to know about the country and they don’t intend on being offensive in their questioning. I also understand everyone’s African experience is different. My experiences in Ghana are different than that of someone doing Peace Corp in Ghana. I will never expeditiously judge the accuracy of someone’s experience in Ghana or other countries in Africa. I can only share MY experience. However, I don’t think people should generalize the entire continent over one story, one commercial and etc. With that being said, I LOVE Ghana! I even want to have a destination wedding there. People always ask me why. I respond by stating that Ghana also has beautiful beaches and plus my parents live there. Why not? But I will get off my soapbox for now. I am sharing below some of my favorite pics from this trip! I will post the vlogs once I finish editing and uploading them to YouTube :-)!!! I’ll post a vlog for each day but I’ll  also combine some days into one vlog. Anywho, I cannot wait to share, stay tuned 🙂

This is my favorite pic from my trip. I call it “Three Little Girls”. I took it one Sunday outside of my mom’s church in Kumasi. They were sisters and they were so cute!

Three Little Girls Photo Credit: Amma Mama

So many sayings on the back of cars. I love this one “One Lord”.

I am absolutely obsessed with women and men carrying things on their heads. It will always fascinate me.

Babies on backs !

My sis in law recently told me of how she recently went outside with my baby nephew tied to her back and her neighbor (who happens to be white) was like “WOW I’ve never seen that before, that is amazing”. I couldn’t help but laugh when she told me that story.  He was genuinely shocked..lol

Sidenote: The baby on the right is a family friend named after my mom. This picture was taken at my home. She is so cute.

Aburi Botanical Garden

In regards to that tree on the right, the tour guide said the following.

“People walk on top of each other to get to the top and the chief is at the top”.

Elmina Slave Castle Dungeon

Elmina Slave Castle Dungeon is the oldest European building south of the Sahara desert, it’s 533 years old.

Cape Coast Slave Castle Dungeon

I got my hair done!!! 🙂 Some extremely long Senegalese Twists. They’re down to my butt. I wanted to look like Denise Huxtable did on this episode of the Cosby Show when she returned from Africa. #MissionAccomplished 🙂

Family Time!!!! ❤

I went to Ghana with my niece, sis-in law and brother! We went to visit my parents who live in Kumasi.

Side note: What’s for lunch?  Pictured below is white rice, spinach stew (in Ghana we call it Kontomire Stew), cabbage stew and boiled plantains (the unripe green plantain).

My vlogs basically document my daily activities and adventures in Ghana. Going to the market, the seamstress, going to church, sightseeing, spending time with my family and etc.

I can’t wait to share my vlogs. Pictures can’t capture everything and neither can videos but it’s still great to see things in real time.

How is your summer going, any upcoming travels?

Please share below and thanks for reading 🙂

****EDIT! 7/14/15*** First vlog here!!!

~Amma Mama

14 thoughts on “I’m Back from Ghana!

  1. Thank you so much for including us in your trip. One photo has school children, so I have to ask what’s the school year schedule over there?

    • My pleasure 🙂
      Ghana schools have three terms. Usually, the autumn term starts from the first Tuesday of September and ends on the second Thursday of December.
      The spring term starts on the first Tuesday of January and ends on second Thursday of April.
      The summer term starts on the first Tuesday of May and ends on the last Thursday of July.

  2. and that alley at the Aburi Botanical Garden… and the tailor at work… and students in uniform, and the bright colors of the African prints.

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