True Life: It’s been 10 years since I graduated from High School!

Happy FBF ( Flash Back Friday)!

bae and ITen years ago on this past Wednesday (June 3, 2015), I graduated from high school. I graduated on June 3, 2005 when I was seventeen. I didn’t even realize it had been ten years until I logged onto Facebook. One of my high school classmates posted it in the high school reunion Facebook group. When I saw that I was like WOW!!!!!! Ten years already?? Just like that?!? The HIGHLIGHT of my graduation in 2005 was getting a picture with my then crush Mr.Voglezon. He was my 9th grade math teacher and the love of my life my teacher again in 12th grade (I think 12th grade but I definitely had him twice during my four years). From the moment I stepped into his math class in the 9th grade I was in lust LOVE at first sight. And not to mention, he was the BEST math teacher I’ve ever had. He really took his time to explain things to me. I had always struggled in math but he made it alright. He was an excellent teacher and really For about four years I tried to get a picture of him. I did succeed in doing so by having one of my friends take the picture for me with my disposable Kodak camera (remember those things?!?). She had him for math a period after me. I was to0 shy to take the picture myself so I gave her my disposable camera during lunch and she took it for me. I was obsessed with him!  Anywho,this is all I really remember from graduation, getting a picture with my boo in the rain with no umbrella. My older brother took this picture for me and he had no idea what it meant to me at the time. He just knew that this was my favorite teacher and not the love of my life. Graduation day was random and rainy. My hair got wet. I didn’t know where I wanted to eat afterwards and I forgot to wear my cute Kente sash that said “Class of 2005” on it. My bff got it for me from Ghana (I think she got it from there) and it was so cute!!! And I never wore it 😦 I totally forgot about it until she asked me at my graduation why I wasn’t wearing it. Overall the day was really nice. I remember feeling really loved and getting lots of cards with cash in it. However, the BEST part was taking a picture with my boo ❤

drama classDrama class, we ain’t do jack in there! All we did was gossip and act up.

entrepreneurship classEntrepreneurship class, ain’t do jack in there either.

I must say I really enjoyed my senior year. It was my best year in high school (then came 11th grade year)! Plus my hair was I didn’t play with my relaxers.

prom with my bopzieI went to prom with my best friend aka my bopsie twin. Looking back 10 years later, I can honestly say I still like my prom dress. I bought it from Cache in Tyson’s Corner ( a store which doesn’t exist anymore). There was another girl at prom wearing the exact same dress. However, I can’t say 10 yrs later that I like my thin eyebrows and pink eyeshadow. #YIKES

cache dressI remember dancing until my hair sweated out and my feet I  remember dancing to the Whisper song (by the Ying Yang Twins) with my bestie. (That is some original ratchet trap music for ya! ) We were just dancing without any cares and enjoying life. Leading up to prom, a bunch of people from my church at the time came to my house to see my bestie and I off. I remember I had the Sister Sister prom episode with Jon B (full episode here) playing in my room on my VCR. I specifically played that episode  over and over again until everyone said “Amma, it’s enough”…LOL Yep as soon as it ended, I would just rewind it to keep the prom vibe going and plus I loved Sister Sister and I had a bunch of their episodes on VHS.

PROMMy BFF and I got to my prom late because we had a very SKETCHY situation with our limo that didn’t exist. My bff and I both gave $75.oo each to this girl I knew (a fellow Ghanaian I went to high school with so I though I could trust her). She told me we would be getting a limo (I forgot what kind of limo but it sounded cool back then and it wasn’t the typical stretch limo) for a group of us. All we had to do was give her $75.00 each. She showed up to my house HOURS late in a sketchy car with a sketchy guy that didn’t look like he was of high school age. As in he looked much older. My bff‘s older sisters were pissed and they told her to give us our money back. I think she said all she had on her was about $60.00 or $75.00 so she gave me what she had. My bff’s sisters told her to go to the ATM and give me the rest at prom (I don’t remember her ever paying me back the rest of the money). They wouldn’t allow us to get in the car with her and her sketchy date. My bff‘s oldest sister Ruth ended up driving us to prom in Baltimore AND picking us up. We were so late but at least we got to take the infamous key chain pic, eat, dance a little and see who won prom king and queen. It could’ve been a lot worse. Check out my video below that I recorded that night ten years ago!! I was so pressed for that key chain!

The day after prom was grad night at the Baltimore Harbor. We ate and danced on a boat for a couple of hours. It was okay, I remember wishing my bff was there. I felt grown though (I didn’t get out much)  Since prom and grad night was in Baltimore, some of my classmates spent the night after prom in the same hotel the prom was held at. I did not. Since I didn’t know how to drive in twelfth grade (shame I know), I rode with one of my classmates Jeanette and her prom date. She and her prom date picked me up from my house the next day. Below is a video of me on the way to grad night singing in the backseat Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition. It came on the radio and I lost it…lol Further proof that I was born in the wrong decade. I should’ve been apart of the high school graduating class of 1992 and not 2005….lol

Clearly I was singing like I was the ONLY one in the car! Anywho, grad night was okay. I don’t have too many pics from that night but below are two.

Grad night Grad nightAll in all, high school was okay. I don’t miss it but I do WISH I made better choices and did more. I really do wish I put more of an effort in. But you live and you learn and then you LUVS…lol My advice to myself back then would be to FOCUS, take high school seriously because it really does prepare you for college and essentially life. Plus bad habits are harder to break after high school. Also be more involved in extracurricular activities and be more social. It doesn’t hurt to and being more involved creates self discipline and multitasking skills that are ESSENTIAL for adulthood. That is what I would tell my high school self. I hope you enjoyed my little flashback. Not to sound cliche  but time really does fly and ten years went by really fast!!

 Feel free to share any of your high school memories below!

Have a wonderful weekend  and thanks for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

10 thoughts on “True Life: It’s been 10 years since I graduated from High School!

  1. Awww OMG!!!!!!!!….its been ten whole years since we graduated HS though?? WoW Time flew by… thx for sharing the nostalgia bopz 🙂

  2. Your hair was so lush, you’ve always had great hair.

    Every now and then, we all should look back and count our blessings, then with hearts full of gratitude, face the future.

    I truly enjoyed the depth of this post 🙂

    • Aww thanks Nedoux!
      I am glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for commenting 🙂 And yes I agree with what you said. We should definitely look back and count our blessings and with a heart full of gratitude face the future. So true and very well said 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this post Amma! I so remember prom night and the sketchy limo but everything turned out ok! I was laughing at your hair being “laid!” It was on point though! Can’t wait to read the next post!

  4. So fun and funny to read!! Good ol high school… We thought we were so grown! I def agree with investing a lot of effort in high school… Academics and extracurricular activities! As you said, high school prepares one with basic life skills… Even though no one knows that during high school.

    • Lol Thanks Doc! I am glad you enjoyed. We really did smh!
      If I’d only known then what I know now {sigh}. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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