Hello June Events!

Happy June<3

This June so far is cold 😦

It started off sunny and hot but then the temperature dropped. It then got cloudy and  literally started POURING. Now today it is still cloudy, rainy and the temperature  is still low. I’d take hot weather over this current weather any day. This June I am going to Ghana! Yippie! However, I am still looking forward to attending fun events in the DMV! One event I am looking forward to this June is An AfroPolitan Experience at the National Museum of African Art. I always enjoy the museum’s events! I’ve been to a couple of events there with my BFF and we always have a blast. Like when we saw Les Nubians live or when we went to Kenya On the Mall last summer and saw Lupita Nyongo’s daddy getting down.  Anywho, I did RSVP for this FREE event through Eventbrite here. I even RSVP for the bike ride. I haven’t rode a bike in years! We’ll see how that goes.

AFROPOLITAN-announcement-649x840Click here to view more summer events at the National Museum of African Art.

Another way I stay in the know of DMV events is through  DC About Travel. Click here to find out about all the June festivals and events in the DMV.

Click here to view a comprehensive calendar of all Maryland events.

Click here to view Downtown Silver Spring’s June calendar of events.

Click here to here to view DMV music festivals in June

Even at Nubian Hueman, we have lots of great summer events planned. We have an upcoming event with on of my favorite blogs Nkem Life. I’ll be posting more details about that event soon.

I know I may have not posted every single fun summer event here in the DMV but I am hoping my post is a start. I just wanted to share some of my online resources that I  use to stay updated. I am a certified festival junkie and I just love events hosted by the National Museum of African Art. However, I will continue to post about any upcoming June events that I find interesting and that are not mentioned here in my post. I really hope this weather changes because I was not expecting it to be this cold and dreary in June. Feel free to mention any June DMV events you know about it in the comments section. Thanks for reading and Happy June ❤

P.S. If you do not live in the DMV but are interested about learning about summer events where you’re located just use Google. I literally type things into Google such as June DC events, June Maryland events, Summer Festivals in the DMV, and etc. Just change the location to match yours.
Amma Mama ❤

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