Up-do Fever

Happy Monday! I’ve been itching and craving for a cute up-do.

1) It’s starting to get hot because summer’s almost here.

2) I do Zumba and Cardio dance mix about 4 times a week and my Celie Twists don’t stand a chance after class.

See the first picture below, that’s even a decent picture. I can’t allow myself to post the worst but that’s pretty much how it looks after class and honestly it looks even WORSE in the back (not pictured). But I’ll explain how it typically it looks back there. It’s usually dry, matted and tangled after class. It also feels that way too and I hate walking around like that. I don’t feel like my best when my hair looks busted and unkept. It messes up my whole vibe and I don’t want to be seen but the show must go on. Not only do I dislike how it looks below but it’s also unravels because the sweat from class puts it in shrinkage mode so it’s hard to twist it because it’s so short and thick.

bad celie twist dayPictured below are my Celie Twists on a good day.#AllSmiles 🙂

ctANYWHO, I could go on and on about how I don’t really like it after the gym but that’s not the point of this post. So, back in my younger natural hair days  circa 2011-2012, I used to rock a lot of braided and twisted up-dos. I was so inspired by my boo in my head and natural hair guru Laila aka Neffyfrofro aka Fusion Of Cultures. I LOVE HER! She is the QUEEN of up-dos and she constantly slays them. Her style in this tutorial here, also pictured below inspired my up-do pictured in the middle. At the time, I showed my stylist her pictures below and she made it happen for ya girl. I was extremely pleased.

Now this style below on the right was inspired by Alex Elle (on the left) who used to have a natural hair blog called The Good Hair Blog. She also used to slay in the up-do department.

This was also done by the same hairstylist and so were two the up-dos pictured below.

After awhile, all the up-dos took a toll on my edges and I started to get headaches anytime the stylist did them  because she was a bit heavy handed.

NOW, fast forward to 2015, I miss my up-dos!!!!!! After rocking Crochet Braids from Late September until April, I just want to rock my OWN hair! Plus spring and summer is the perfect time for an up-do

My up-do was once again inspired by the lovely Laila on the right. #TwinZies ❤

Laila has a YouTube playlist dedicated to all of her fab up-do tutorials here. She does these up-dos herself! My stylist in Bowie did this latest up-do for me. She is the same stylist responsible for my Crochet Braids and Shenneh Braids. Please let me know in the comments section if you want her her info.  My hair was already washed and blow-dried when I came to her. I washed my hair with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo & Conditioner. Then I used I use Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Anti-Frizz Hair Serum to protect my hair from heat damage as I blow dried it. I purchased it at Whole Foods. Click here to see what it looks like. Let me know if you have any questions.


How are you rocking your hair this spring? Please share below in the comments, I’d love to know!


Thank you for reading 🙂

5 thoughts on “Up-do Fever

  1. YeSSS! I love up-do’s, if I wasnt protecting my hairline for all its worth, I’d be rocking an updo Mohawk styl-eeee. And we are doing a similar workout- i.e zumba, salsa and cadio- SnnaaPP! I have to be honest, when I am exercising is when I am happiest about my TWA coz it doesnt get in the way, I can run my hands through it when I sweat. Its all about the lil’ things….

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