Web Series Wednesday: The Q is Vital

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a minute since the last Web series Wednesday (WSW)  but I am back again to share my favorite web series on a Wednesday. I watch more YouTube than TV. Even more than Investigation Discovery (ID channel) and that says a lot because I am an ID Addict. Even more than Martin and that speaks volumes!..lol

Anyways, this week’s web series feature is The Q is Vital. Check  out the first three episodes below!

The Q Is Vital – Episode 1

Whitney Q goes to Hoxton

The Q is Vital – Episode 2

Whitney Q goes to Paris

The Q Is Vital – Episode 3

Whitney Q goes to Ghana

The Q IS vital

Whitney Q and Sister Deborah in Ghana

I’ve enjoyed watching all three episodes BUT you already know episode 3 is my favorite. I am looking forward to future episodes but I know they won’t top episode 3  for obvious reasons!..lol Episode 3 makes me even more excited about my upcoming trip to Ghana and side note: I LOVE Whitney’s dashiki.  Back to episode 3, I’ve seen sister Deborah on Instagram before and I even watched her video Uncle Obama (I randomly stumbled upon it on YouTube one day & I was so confused) but I still didn’t know much about her. This interview was great and it provided some insight into who she is and what she does in Ghana. I like this web series because in each episode Whitney takes us to a new location, episode 3 happened to be Accra, Ghana where she is from. Each episode starts with Whitney giving a tour of the place she is visiting and then it ends with Conversations With the Q in which Whitney interviews a special guest from that city. What I love most about The Q is Vital is Whitney’s energy, spunk and charisma. She is really outgoing and full of life. Her positive energy and love for life’s adventures shines through in each episode! She is my friend in my head and my Instagram friend. I love her and she isn’t she just lovely? ! <3.

The Q is Vital

The Q is Vital

Random Facts: I was actually introduced to Whitney while watching one of my favorite YouTube naturalistas Laila aka FusionofCultures. Laila and Whitney are good friends and she used to appear on Laila’s channel. They even did a hilarious Ghana Tag together, click here to watch it. Even though it was made in 2011, it’s still one of my favorite Ghana tags to date and I’ve watched quite a few. Whitney also has a beautiful earring shop on Etsy called Beautellas Boutique. In her online shop are beautiful unique handmade button earrings that she made. I own a few and will definitely do a Tales of An Accessories Addict  on her earring line soon! Anyways, check out the Q is Vital. You will love it, trust me 🙂 You can catch Whitney Q on social media at her links below. She’s pretty active so follow her, subscribe to her YouTube channel and stay up to date with her web series!The Q is Vital

Whitney Q on Social Media!

Instagram – misswhitneyq
Twitter – @misswhitneyq
Tumblr: www.misswhitneyq.tumblr.com
Snapchat: misswhitneyq

Thanks for reading 🙂

Amma Mama

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