The Link Up! Wk 3

Happy Saturday! #TGIS!

This is the Link Up! Wk 3 #Leggo

The Jouel Life

saTraveling to South Africa Vlog | March 7-11th  

One of my fave You Tube vloggers Jouelzy went to South Africa. I really like Jouelzy and her candor. This vlog shows her travel from Texas to Dubai and then her final destination South Africa!! It’s short but I am looking forward to the other vlogs from her time in South Africa. I really love vlogs. Especially when the vlogger travels AND especially when the vlogger travels to the motherland!! Of course I am bias because I am However, I also like African vlogs because they show the vlogger’s PERSONAL experience in Africa. Of course there are similarities in regards to people’s travels to Africa but there are still those unique differences which I enjoy watching in real time. Pictures can’t always capture everything! I plan to vlog my next trip to Ghana this summer *hopefully*.

Styled By Africa


Ghana: Getting Out of Accra

Welp I am bias again! Being a Ghana girl, you already know that I love this article. However, I love it even more because I am going to Ghana this June with my family!!! As of lately, I’ve been researching ish to do in Accra and Kumasi. This will be my sixth time visiting Ghana. I went in 1991, 1997, 2006, 2010 and 2012! I  have been to quite a few  places in Ghana but I know I might have to revisit some of those places for the sake of my travel companions. Particularly the two who have never been to Ghana (my niece and sis in law) We plan to kick it in Accra but I was happy to learn of places outside of Accra that are also good to visit.

A Weekend In Accra

A wknd in Accra

This was another great post from Styled By Africa that I read this week. This was such a great post on what to do in Accra in a weekend. I love this post. Out of all the places listed, I’ve only been to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park which is a lovely memorial. I would love to eat at Chez Clarisse because I hear nothing but good things about it. I would also love to check out Christie Brown boutique too.

The Same PG

Run Girl

I love this outfit! Cute, comfortable and chic! Love! The sneakers are so cute. Camille has great style! I always look forward to her outfit posts on The Same PG.

Because We Can

New Yorkers Know Best!

Page Marie of Because We Can also looks comfortable and cute. I love these shots too . They’re so New York aka the “Concrete Jungle”.

That’s all for this weeks Link Up! If you live in the DMV, stop by Wear Art Meets Fashion TODAY!!!!!!!!.

Have a  blessed weekend and enjoy that vitamin D 🙂

~Amma Mama

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