Liberated People Trunk Show: Recap

My Official Recap on Nubian Hueman blog

Nubian Hueman Blog

mojo-6120Supporters came out in numbers to learn and view the Liberated People mission and movement. The brand, created by actor Gbenga Akinnagbe (HBO’s The Wire, Fox’s The Following, and 24: Live Another Day, and CBS’s The Good Wife). In addition to being an actor, he’s an activist who is intensely passionate about bringing people together in the journey towards liberation. A portion of the proceeds from that day were donated to the non-profit organization Beat the Streets-Baltimore. A wrestling and tutoring program in Baltimore, Maryland which Gbenga continuously contributes towards.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be apart of different social movements around the world. I was apart of occupy Nigeria. I’ve been to the West Bank in Israel protesting and also apart of the stop and frisk movement in New York.”


“I found myself in the streets all over the world with different people of different races that spoke different languages. But they…

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