Web Series Wednesday: Becoming Nia

Happy Wednesday!

It’s almost the end of the week and it’s WARMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I ever wanted in life was warm weather!

Anywho, today’s featured web series is Becoming Nia.

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My two cents: I love this web series and I really like Nia. I’ve liked her since That Guy. Becoming Nia is a spin-off of That Guy {Where are all my That Guy fans at??}. Even though, it’ s a spin-off of That Guy, you won’t feel lost if you’ve never watched That Guy before. Nia is a single mom and her son’s father Judah isn’t the best father but she does her best to provide for her son. I wouldn’t call Judah a deadbeat dad but he needs to do better. However, if you’re familiar with That Guy then you already know that Judah isn’t a good guy. He’s actually a jerk. Nia is a sweetie and I am rooting for her. I like the actress that plays Nia too, Shawanna Davis. I follow her on Instagram and I like her vibe. I  also think she’s a great actress.

The video below is a playlist of all the episodes starting from Episode 1.

Becoming Nia was recently featured in ESSENCE.com’s 11 Web Series You Should Be Watching.

It was also recently featured on For Harriet.

Do you watch Becoming Nia ? What do you think of ? Please comment below. A new episode airs this Sunday!


Thanks for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

4 thoughts on “Web Series Wednesday: Becoming Nia

  1. I also love Becoming Nia as well. You get to see a different perspective of how a single mom has to care for a child financially. Also, in the last episode the job that she went in for at the salon the lady did her so wrong lol!

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