Tales of An Accessories Addict: Beads Byaree


Happy Monday! Let’s start the week right with a Tales of An Accessories Addict post because it’s been so long since the last one. One of my readers AND a fellow blogger that I follow Biki told me that she was “anxiously awaiting” my next Tales of An Accessories Addict post! Aww thanks Biki! I am going to be more consistent, especially with the warm weather coming. It’s time to shed those coats and rock those  accessories ladies!!! 🙂

So today’s post features  Beads Byaree jewelry line created by Areeayl Goodwin {pictured below rocking her “Peacock Broomstick” earrings}. She was recently featured here on ESSENCE.com’s 11 Black Phenomenal Jewelry Designers You Should Know.

Areeayl Goodwin

About Beads Byaree:


Beads Byaree is an innovative hand crafted jewelry line. All Beads Byaree pieces a created out of the whimsy of designer Areeayl Goodwin’s imagination.

Areeayl enjoys creating pieces in real life that have only been in her dreams. Therefore, she’s literally making her dreams a reality. Areeayl encourages her supporters and the world to do the same.

“Dream.. and it will spread like a wildfire” -Areeayl Goodwin

“Create the things you wish existed” -Anonymous

Areeayl was born and raised in Philadelphia PA, graduated from Howard University in Washington DC with a B.F.A in Acting and now resides in beautiful Brooklyn, NY.


Her creations our beautiful and very unique. Check out her website to view ALL her pieces. Below are some of my personal favorites aka My Wishlist.

My Beads ByAree Wishlist

Art For Necks



Her chokers and necklaces are giving my 90s Janet Jackson and That’s The Way Love Goes Janet Jackson.  #90sNostalgiatotheMax


I tried on the Queen choker at work {Nubian Hueman} this past Saturday and I LOVED how it looked on me. I felt like a queen and decided to Instagram flex a little bit. I posted a picture on my Instagram of me flexing in it. Aree reposted it onto the Beads Byaree Instagram page! MAMA I MADE IT! …lol 🙂 Check me out flexing below!

On Instagram straight flexingK Back to my wishlist!

Art for Ears


Art For Fingers

Check out the rest of her beautiful pieces here. Much more goodies on the website!

If you live in the DMV area, you can pick up Beads Byaree at Nubian Hueman Boutique. You can order online from Beads Byaree to0.

Check out Beads Byaree at the various online platforms below!






 Have a blessed week ❤

~Amma Mama

3 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict: Beads Byaree

  1. WoooHOoo! An Accessory Post! Beads B is talented indeed, I like the idea of twisting those metals into words…if I could, I’d get her to customise one for me that spelt out my name. I’ve wanted that done ever since Carrie (SATC) wore her ‘name necklace’. I’m also alllll about those Head and Turban earrings and the heart shaped ones. Great start for your Accessory Posts hon, have a good wk! x

    • Hey Biki!! Yep she really is. A customized name plate sounds so dope! I would want mines to read “Amma Mama”. My mom got me a name plate for my b-day in middle school but it read my middle name and everyone kept asking me “Whose name are you wearing?” To me at the time, it totally defeated the purpose of having a name plate. However my middle name is after my maternal granny so I now understand the significance of it to my mother. Now that I am older but at the time, I was so annoyed. Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful week 🙂

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