Ghana Tag!

Happy Saturday!

I’m still in a Independence Day kind of mood so I thought I’d share some of my favorite Ghana tag videos. I love tag videos in general but since I am Ghanaian, I can really relate to some of the Ghana Tag videos. I find myself cracking up while watching some of them. I haven’t done one YET but I hopefully will soon. In the meantime, check out some of my favorites below! 🙂


I feel like I’ve waited all of my YouTube life for Liz to do a Ghana Tag…lol It was worth the wait. The Twi part had me cracking up!


Akushika’s tag was long but I sho nuff watched and enjoyed the whole thang. LOL her brother’s accent is hilarious!!! His facial expressions and rolling of the eyes reminds me so much of my I LOVE me some Kente! Her outfits are hot! Her art is beautiful, she is so talented 🙂




Another Ghanaian Aussie 🙂

 Fusion of Cultures

“We kill it and we cook it and we eat it the same day! OK!”…lol The Hiplife in  this video is on point.



Those are my favs! Please check out my 58th Ghana Independence Day post here. Have a blessed weekend!

~Amma Mama

3 thoughts on “Ghana Tag!

  1. Oh em gee I absolutely loved this post lol. I’m not Ghanaian but can I be? Lol

    I can’t even remember everything I wanted to say but all those vids cracked me up. The one with the brother (he’s hilarious) loved how everyone lived in a diff part of the world but was still strong Into their culture. I love love loved the Ghanaian language parts for the vids that lol went into speaking it. WIsh I knew what was said but still loved. Loved the Aussies :)…lol fusion of cultures was cute … I just love this…

    Thanks for giving me a look into your culture. Can u please do one lol I love your humor so it’s gonna be a great one ❤

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