Webseries Wednesday: FIRST is back!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

First is back!!!!! Season 2 just premiered tonight! Talk about emotional roller coaster..lol

See it below:


My Two Cents:

How many chicks Charlie got? That girl doesn’t look like Nikki. Robin has some beautiful hair. I like her and her friend’s relationship. Her friend isn’t scared to keep it real with her AND tell her that her hair is a hot mess. That’s what real girlfriends do! This episode was interesting. I am so glad the show is back 🙂

What did you think? If this is your first time watching First {no pun intended..lol} you might want click here and start from Season 1 Episode 1. The next episode is on March 11th. My friend Bebe said she’s just gonna wait till summer and watch all the episodes at once because she doesn’t like the long gaps between each episode. I love web series but I hate the gaps between new episodes. The wait (2-3 wk wait for each new episode} is too much but I’ll be at my laptop on March 11 at 8pm EST…lol


~Amma Mama

4 thoughts on “Webseries Wednesday: FIRST is back!!!!

    • Omg it is. He reminds me soooo MUCH of a PG boy especially in his other show That Guy. When I first watched That Guy {before I knew was a PG native} I said to myself, “This guy is so PG, he reminds me of the guys I went to high school with”…lol
      Yes he is extremely vulnerable, he should’ve taken things slow with Robin. His emotions are all over the place!

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