Nana & Obie

Happy Monday! I am so happy to share this new YouTube channel on my blog today. These two lovely natural sistas {biological sisters, not just “sistas”} are from Ghana AND they’re the cousins of my dear friend Sheila. Sheila’s been on the blog here and here. Nana & Obie are sharing natural hair tutorials on their channel as well as make up tutorials and funny tag videos. I can’t wait to see what else they share on their channel. Every time I see them, I think to myself they’re so “fly”, they’re hair and skin is on fleeK. And to top it off, they’re just as sweet in person. Please check out their channel! Below I posted some of my favorite videos from them!

Obie’s Wash Day

My BFF’s comment about this video below had me rolling

“This is the realest wash day on YouTube, washing her hair in the sink, using a plastic bag as a hair cap,its so real and its exactly what most of us do but try to front when we get in from of the camera“….LOL

Throwback Tag- Trip Down Memory Lane I can totally relate to this video and about being too grown!! This is coming from a girl who had a serious crush on Keith Sweat in the 4th grade. #TooGrown! And I still do at 27 but who gon check me? Keith is #BAE

I always tell my friend Sheila her cousins are flyy so I am happy they now have a channel where I have free access to be a creep because they’re joint Instagram isn’t enough. That’s where I got all their cute pics above from ❤ #ProudCreep with a special spot for sisters…lol You can judge me it’s okay 🙂

You Tube Channel



Have a splendid week and stay warm. Spring is coming, I feel it…lol ~Amma Mama

9 thoughts on “Nana & Obie

    • They really her! Yes the rap was funny. I’ve never heard that before Aww that means a lot. I have a really good one on the way that I’ll be posting next week! Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend 🙂

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