Post Trim Action


These are my post trim pics!! Click here to see my hair pre-trim. I had just taken my crochet braids out that had been in for 2 months and a week.

I got my hair trimmed at the Noire Salon in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. The salon owner Camille Reed trimmed my hair. I would def recommend her. I really like her and she is super gentle. She told me I need to get my hair trimmed every two months to keep my ends from getting matted together especially when wet. I have serious shrinkage {see here} and my ends really cling together. I think she cut off two inches. She said my hair is the perfect hair for locs. My wash, blow-dry and trim was $45.00. I have crochet braids in now again. This is my third time. My post on my third installation and my second “Crochet Braids FAQ”  {first one here} coming soon. I would love a really cute haircut for the spring or something shaved. Crochet braids are cool for the winter but I’m really not trying to rock them in the spring and def not the summer. I just want a sexy, funky, clean and cute cut. I think hair is so overrated sometimes. These are my current crochet braids  {click here} last weekend at one week old. Today marks two weeks. I might do two months again but I ‘m not sure yet. It’s cold now {tomorrow will be 19 degrees} so I have no prob hiding my hair but if March is really warm {it’s usually not though}, they may come out sooner. I’ll see!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading 🙂

Amma Mama


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