UGLY Christmas Sweater Party

Happy Tuesday!!

My weekend was cool. The highlight of my weekend was my Ugly Christmas sweater party hosted by my good friend Sheila.

ugly christmas sweater partY

I LOVE my cute ugly Christmas sweater! I got it from Target in November.

my ugly christmas sweaterAs soon as I bought this sweater, I started yapping about how I wanted to have an ugly Christmas sweater party because I had thee perfect sweater for it. I must say I like ugly sweaters in general. I like old vintage, Cosby show, Diff’rent Strokes, 80s/ early 90s-ish looking

So about these ugly sweaters? My friends Sheila on the left {the hostess, remember her from this post here?} and Becca {on the right} cheated! Sheila put some vintage brooches on her sweater. Becca took ornaments from her Christmas tree and pinned them ont0 her top. Very  creative and resourceful but they still

Buky-ugly Christmas sweater

Then there’s Buky. She asked her dad for an “old” sweater. She left out the word “ugly” out of respect…lol He gave her this sweater and she thought it was perfect!! It’s actually older than her and the shoulder pads in there were so serious. I still though it was really cute.

Diva the Eva ugly sweater

Then there is Diva the Eva, the only one {other than myself } who paid for her ugly Christmas sweater. She bought this at Sears. According to Sheila that’s a good store for “anything ugly”. #SHADE

Secret Santa


So my secret Santa was Sheila. We each brought a gift and pulled a name out of a small box {that had all our names inside of it}. I  pulled Sheila and I had a feeling I would because my third eye told  I am just kidding. *Side Eye*

nh cosmeticsbag

Even though I didn’t know for sure I would get her {because my third eye is 99.9 % right most of the time}, I still wanted to buy a useful gift for whoever I got. I like to buy gifts that add value to a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just as long as it’s useful. I don’t want my gift be re-gifted or even worse, trashed {the horror!!!}. With that being said, I bought this beautiful African print cosmetics bag from Nubian Hueman. The best part about this cosmetic bag is that there are two smaller bags inside of it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I wish I took a picture of the two smaller bags inside but oh wells.  Sheila loved it and I am so glad she did 🙂


But let’s talk about this dinner doe! Chicken, Jollof rice {with chicken in it} and butternut squash!!! #YummerZ! I brought the pumpkin pie and ice cream! I am forever the desert lady. I don’t like cooking but I sho like eating! We sipped on wine and homemade Sangria. We listened to some nice Christmas music {including my favorite Boyz II Men-Let It Snow} and we had great girl chat. It was a lot of fun! Big Thanks to Sheila for opening up her home to us! I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year {God willing}. We’re definitely going to make this a Christmas tradition ❤

Have you been to an ugly Christmas sweater party ? Do you own an ugly sweater?

Please do share below and Merry Christmas ❤

~Amma Mama


11 thoughts on “UGLY Christmas Sweater Party

  1. I don’t own an ugly Christmas sweater but I’d love to get one for a party like this. Instead of waiting to be invited maybe my husband and I will just throw one next year. I enjoyed the party through reading your post!

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