Brooklyn State of Mind!


So I spent my 27th b-day weekend in Brooklyn! FLATBUSSSH, Brooklyn. I love how Queen Latifah says “flatbush”  here in this scene of the classic 90s film Juice. I LOVE Juice! Anywho, my friend Bebe has been inviting me to Brooklyn since she moved there.  It’s been a little over a year. now.  She invited me just  like my friend Sheila who invited me to Cincinnati numerous times until I finally went last spring {right before she graduated and moved…lol}. I made numerous excuses and kept saying I would come. {Read more about my Cinci trip here.} I finally decided to take Bebe up on her generous offer and just in time for my b-day!

Bday at Negril Village

This is me at my my b-day dinner in my b-day suit! Ayee! I bought my cloth from Eleganza Fashions in Hyattsville, MD. I paid $20.00 for six yards. Fellow blogger Prissy {Prissyville} hipped me to this store and I am so glad she did because the store has African cloth and lace for days. I saw this cloth on the store’s Facebook page and I knew I had to have it. I showed my seamstress Janet {who also lives in Hyattsville} a picture of this skirt here and she made it happen captain! Let me know if you want her contact info. She’s amazing and so is the quality of my skirt!

Negril VillageBebe treated me to a yummy birthday dinner at a Jamaican restaurant called Negril Village. I ordered white rice with curry “organic goat meat” stew, veggies and a side of very cheesey mac n cheese. I got my life that night! The goat meat was so tender and soft. They gave me a lot of meat too #TurnUp! The cheddar in that mac n cheese was so SHARP! It was perfection! I hope I can get some mac n cheese just like that for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

*Crosses Fingers*

This was my first time on the NY  subway! I have been to NY numerous times. The last time I visited was summer 2010. However, I have never been on the subway. It was tight at times to say the least. I am used to having a seat on the train here in MD. #Spoiled  A guy and boy came on the train with music playing from  a boombox { I think?}. They started to kind of break dance. Bebe said that this happens often and that she’s seen better #Shade. I was fascinated and I thought they were pretty good so I started recording them. See my videos below!

We had brunch at Mango Seed. A Jamaican spot on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. We ordered Sangria’s {we should’ve ordered the pitcher}, coconut fried chicken and waffles. My mouth is still watering. The chicken was so fresh. I can’t fake though, I didn’t really taste the coconut in the fried chicken. Bebe said she could taste it all up and through the chicken Sunday was beautiful!!! It was sunny and not really cold. We sat outside in the gazebo. The whole time 90s RnB music was softly playing. Music from Zhane, to Luther, to Toni Braxton and many more 90s greats. I love 90s RnB  and it added the perfect touch to the ambiance.

GazeboThis is the gazebo I was talking about. The sun was beaming that day and all the seats were soon filled up by people.

So what do we do when the sun is beaming, the lighting is perfect, we’re waiting for our check and our bellies are full?

We take lots of #USIES!!!

lol ❤

My beautiful “Hostess with the Mostess” and dear friend Bebe ❤

Flea Market Usie

We’re cheetah girls cheetah sisters…lol

After brunch, we walked off our food and took a stroll through Brooklyn. We went to see some Huxtable like brownstones, we stepped into a random few shops and then we stumbled upon this flea market. We took this picture at the flea market in front of one of the mirrors. I felt I had stepped back into the early 90s and late 80s at this flea Everything was so outdated and busted.

BelieveWe went to midtown and did a little shopping. This believe sign was at Macy’s. It was so pretty! We ended up in Times Square, we passed Grand Central Station {the largest train station in the US}. I saw Spiderman in Times My FAV Marvel character.

Below are more pics from my amazing trip!

I had such a great trip and wonderful birthday!!! THANKS BEBE!!! I can’t wait to visit you again! THANK GOD for adding another year to my life. I am happy & blessed to see 27 🙂

Now flashback to Nov 21, 2008. Bebe and I were in college {GO TERPS!} and it was my 21st b-day. Bebe gave me a “smokey eye”, too much blush {lol}, a pin curl and we went to Red Lobster. I ordered alcohol for the first time at Red Lobster {see below}. I think I ordered a Mojito and I was so excited to hand over my updated license to the waitress…lol

Anywho, I had a great trip. I did some shopping in Soho & midtown, did some sightseeing, ate well and I had great girl time with my “twin”. It was the best birthday ever. Please check out Bebe’s podcast Glass House Stories. Episode 1 is up right here. I am so proud of her and I can’t wait for more episodes.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thanks for reading ❤

P.S. My hair stylist re-did my crochet braids for my b-day. Post on that coming soon.

~Amma Mama

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