Monday Memes 11/24/2014

#NaturalHairProblemsToday’s meme comes a little late but better late than never! This meme accurately describes how I  felt last Sunday when I removed my crochet braids. I was expecting my hair to be much longer. *Side Eye*

Have a great week 🙂

~Amma Mama

6 thoughts on “Monday Memes 11/24/2014

  1. LMAO, I can so relate with this, I always develop hand-in head syndrome, playing with the new growth at the base of my braids and imagining Rapunzel-like hair when I take my braids out.

  2. LOL gosh I can relate!

    After protective styling for like 3 months and not really seeing results, I think I’ve vexed. Right now I’m thinking it’s overrated, for me anyway. Having hair up in a loose puff all week is easy and low-manipulation. No time. Lol

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